5 Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas in 2023

Nowadays, as more people understand the importance of caring for our home planet, business owners have come to prioritise sustainability, in all aspects of operations. Increasing numbers of business owners now recognise the need of becoming more sustainable and ecologically friendly.

As such, sustainability initiatives have also influenced decisions when it comes to corporate gift ideas — companies want gifts that connect with their values and are sustainable. 

In addition to looking for sustainable corporate gift ideas, these should also be appropriate and meaningful for their recipients. Of course, finding the ideal corporate present for your employees and clients is more than a simple gesture of gratitude. It is genuine recognition of their hard work, sacrifices, and worth.

Research even suggests that companies are now moving towards giving fewer but higher-value gifts which are geared towards creating and strengthening relationships — which is crucial in the new workplace setting. Read here to know more about your options for work-from-home gifts.

What Are Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas?

sustainable scented candle bundle


"Sustainable" is not a formally regulated term, although it typically refers to corporate gifts that fall into one of the following categories:

  • Eco-friendly, refurbished or recycled 
  • Merchandise made with locally sourced or organic materials
  • Items created using alternative materials or verified sustainable processes (e.g. free from harmful dyes, bleaching, etc.)
  • Products that can help the elimination of single-use plastics (zero waste alternatives)
  • Products that are certified to meet sustainable industry criteria (such as Forest Stewardship Council, Global Organic Textile Standard, Leaping Bunny Program, Fairtrade International)


With these in mind, how do you select the best sustainable corporate gift ideas that will still prove meaningful to those who will receive them? And how do you ensure that your corporate gifting initiative provides value given the budget you’ve allocated to it?

To ensure that your sustainable corporate gift ideas are appropriate for their recipients, consider the following:

    • Your company values and how the gift reinforces them
    • The quality of your relationship with the receiver
    • Company policies about corporate gifting
    • Personalisation options (gift provisions for notes, greetings, personalised messages)
    • The usefulness and practicality of the gift
    • Presentation and packaging of the gift
    • Options to personalise and create custom corporate gifts


Sustainable Corporate Gift Ideas Singapore

Here are some of our sustainable corporate gift ideas for clients, employees and colleagues in Singapore:


1. Innerfyre Co, Believe Gift Set

Believe Gift Set

Send your good wishes for work-life balance with this wellness bundle from Innerfyre Co.

With Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) Room Spray (50ml) and I AM ENOUGH Affirmation Candle (80g), this sustainable corporate gift idea reminds its recipient that they can always take some time for themselves — even when there seems to be so much happening in the workplace. 

Made with 100% pure essential oils, Innerfyre Co candles were born out of our founders’ love for scents and their desire to create candles that not only look good and smell good but also have real mood-boosting, aromatherapeutic effects. So if you’re looking for corporate gift ideas that are not only sustainable but also provide wellness benefits, look no further. 

As the first Singapore candle brand to use a sustainable wax blend made from coconut oil and rice bran wax, Innerfyre Co packaging is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and plastic-free.


2. The Green Collective, E-Gift Card

corporate gift ideas: virtual gift card

Photo Credit: The Green Collective


Instead of giving employees traditional gift cards, virtual gift cards provide a safe and sustainable method to pay for products online. Furthermore, with this type of gift, the receiver may choose what they want to buy for themselves, so you can be confident that whatever they choose will not end up as an unwanted gift in a landfill.

The Green Collective’s digital gift card creates a unique code for the recipient to enter at checkout of their e-commerce The Green Tingkat and subtract the card’s value from their order’s total.


3. Hello Flowers!, Daily Flowers in a Jar

corporate gift ideas: flowers
Photo Credit: Hello Flowers!


Strong believers that we need flowers every day, any day, Hello Flowers! offers eco-friendly design arrangements based on beautiful blooms that are in season. With their social initiatives such as floral workshops and floral repurposing, your corporate gifting becomes even more meaningful.


4. Shinrinyoku, Blooming Tea Gift Box

blooming tea corporate gift
Photo Credit: Shinrinyoku


Blooming teas in the office? Yes, please! 

With flavoured and unflavoured variants, the dried flowers are stitched with premium maofeng green tea leaves, one of China's most famous green teas. The floral bulbs will slowly bloom as boiling water is poured over them. Watching the flower tea bloom can be a great way to relax for a bit, and then finish it off by drinking this beautiful creation.

Highlighting the healing powers of nature, Shinrinyoku is a combination of two Japanese words: shinrin (forest) and yoku (bathe). The brand believes that it’s important to take a few minutes each day to settle your mind, and what better way to do it than with a cup of quality artisanal tea

Available in a box of 6, it can be a perfect gift option this holiday season as it comes with exquisite packaging.

5. Innerfyre Co, Healing Balm Series

i need focus healing balm corporate giftI Need Focus Healing Balm

If you're looking for smaller sustainable corporate gifts, our best-selling pocket-sized aromatherapy balm is your best bet!

Made of 100% pure organic essential oils, organic shea butter and rice bran wax our Healing Balm Series does NOT contain any beeswax or cocoa butter (which are very commonly used in cosmetics) making it organic, vegan, and sustainable.

Lightweight and convenient, it can be carried around in one’s purse for an instant aromatherapy fix! Send a gift of Clarity, Serenity, Focus, or Self-Love in the workplace. If in case you’d like to customise your own scents, we can work on that too!

Send us a message today to find out more options for your corporate gifts in Singapore.