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The Best 20 Christmas Gift Hampers for 2023

The Best 20 Christmas Gift Hampers for 2023

The holiday season is just around the corner, and you know what that means – soon it's going to be that wonderful, slightly chaotic, and totally heartwarming time of the year: Christmas! 

Picture this: a beautifully wrapped hamper, packed with all sorts of presents that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. That's what we're here to explore today – Christmas gift hampers, the ultimate way to share some holiday happiness with your loved ones. If you think about it, Christmas gift hampers are more than just beautifully wrapped packages, they’re pretty much just upgraded gift bundles. And what’s better than one gift? A whole bunch of gifts!

We've done some serious scouting to put together a list of the 20 best Christmas gift hampers you can get your hands on this year. We're blending some of our own Innerfyre Co’s finest gift bundles with other fantastic finds so you can have a broader range of options to choose from as well.

In this not-so-official guide, we're going to take you on a tour of hampers that’ll please anyone - from the chocolate obsessed foodie to the workaholic who’s looking to destress and relax during this holiday season. Whether you're picking out a special something for your best friend, your boss, your mom, or even that cousin you only catch up with once a year, we've got your back.

So, grab your drink of choice, cozy up, and let's take a look at the list of gift hampers so you can discover the perfect one for each person on your Christmas list.

1. Wellness Wonderland Bundle by Innerfyre Co

wellness wonderland bundle

Wellness Wonderland Bundle by Innerfyre Co

Let’s kick things off with a gift set that is super Christmasy: our Wellness Wonderland Bundle. For this gift bundle, you get to handpick an Affirmation Candle from our collection. I’ll tell you this, these aren’t just any candles; we’ve crafted these candles with all the love in the world, plus a sustainable coconut-rice bran wax blend and the added infusion of 100% pure essential oils. But here’s what makes this gift bundle actually magical – you get to choose an affirmation that can resonate with your loved one’s heart. Whether it’s wisdom, love, beauty, serenity, or strength, we’re helping you to add a personalized touch in the best, most positive way to make this gift truly unique. 

wellness wonderland bundle

Wellness Wonderland Bundle by Innerfyre Co

But there’s more to this gift than just a really cool, super positive, passes-the-vibe-check candle. To add even more good vibes to this gift bundle, we’ve also added a tea blend of your choosing from Positivithé’s collection of teas.

You can choose from their proprietary Thérapy Blend, which I can tell you straight up isn’t just a fancy name. Their blend combines three herbs – Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, and Ashwagandha – all of which are carefully selected through a blend of modern science and traditional wisdom to help you make the perfect cup of tea which you can enjoy piping hot, or refreshingly cold. 

If I were to put in my two cents, I’d say that one of my favorite parts about unwrapping a gift hamper is finding those nifty little gifts that are somehow connected to my big, meaningful gifts.

For me, that just adds a super thoughtful touch to a gift set and makes it that much more special. We thought of this when we made this gift bundle, because along with your Affirmation Candle and your Positivithé Tea Blend, you’ll also find a super useful Candle Wick Trimmer, and an extremely adorable Tea Infuser that’s shaped like a leaf. 

We wanted to make sure that this gift bundle captures the Christmas spirit, so all of these amazing gifts come inside a very cute, Christmas themed gift box. The box isn’t just for show, it’ll also make things so much easier when you’re sitting down to wrap your Christmas gifts because trust me, our Wellness Wonderland Bundle’s gift box is way too cute to be covered up.

All in all, this bundle isn't just a gift; it's a gentle reminder to take a moment for self-care, physically, mentally, and emotionally. That’s exactly why we think it makes such a good Christmas hamper gift, because you can never, ever go wrong with a gift that reminds your loved ones to take care of themselves.

2. Rich Delight Chocolate Hamper by Noel Gifts

noel gifts chocolate hamper

Rich Delight Chocolate Hamper by Noel Gifts

Number 2 on our list is the fantastic Rich Delight Chocolate Hamper by Noel Gifts, perfect for the chocoholics in your life. Honestly, it’s perfect for anyone who isn’t allergic to chocolate, because chocolate never fails at being an amazing gift.

Inside this gift treasure chest, you'll discover nothing but chocolate, and that’s part of the charm! You’re gonna start off with the Belgian Organic Milk Chocolate Bar, studded with crunchy almonds which actually compliment’s this chocolate bar’s texture really well. Then, there are the Orion Chocopie treats – these chocolate-covered marshmallow sandwiches will transport you straight to dessert heaven.

But the chocolate fest doesn't stop there. You'll also find a Nutella & Go Ferrero Spread with Breadsticks for some serious dipping action. The Loacker Quadratini Chocolate Mini Wafers are an amazing addition, and the Unico Lava Bite Double Chocolate Cookies are a rich, double-chocolate delight.

To top it off, there's the Cupido Dark Chocolate Stick, a perfect complement to a cold, cozy winter evening with a hot drink. There’s a reason why no one underestimates the power of chocolate as a gift, and this hamper literally has a bunch of chocolate, so you can rest assured that this will make an amazing Christmas gift.

And yes, we know that sometimes availability can be a little tricky, but rest assured, NOEL has your back. If any item isn't available, they'll replace it with something equally delicious. So, if you're looking to wrap up a bundle of chocolatey joy this Christmas, this hamper is the way to go.

3. Mystery Christmas Box by Innerfyre Co

Mystery Christmas Box by Innerfyre Co

For Number 3, we're about to spill the beans on something truly exciting – our very own Mystery Christmas Box. We've cooked up a holiday surprise, and it's bound to make your Christmas extra special. Trust me; this is the Christmas hamper gift that'll leave everyone guessing.

Now, what's the deal with the Mystery Christmas Box, you ask? It's like unwrapping a bundle of pure excitement and joy, with a twist of holiday cheer. Picture this: $40 worth of goodies hidden inside, but you'll only pay $25. It's like Santa's secret stash of amazing presents, and it's all for you or your loved ones to enjoy.

The beauty of this gift lies in the mystery. You never know what's inside, but that's the magic of it. It's fun, intriguing, and exciting, like unwrapping a surprise gift from the North Pole itself. Plus, it's super convenient – we've done all the gift-picking for you, and you know you can trust us to deliver some amazing gifts.

And guess what? It's not just a fantastic gift for your loved ones; it's also the perfect Secret Santa gift for your colleagues, family, neighbor, or anyone else really. Who wouldn't love to unravel the mystery of what's inside?

We've made it even easier for you this Christmas, because we'll deliver this delightful surprise right to your loved one's door. It's like a holiday hug in a box, sent with all the love and joy we can give you (hint: it’s a LOT).

So, why is the Mystery Christmas Box perfect for a Christmas hamper? Well, it's all about the element of surprise and the joy of giving. We take extra care to make sure that our products aren’t just products if you know what I mean. We want to impart positivity, because that’s what can make a lasting, good impact. Our Mystery Box is filled with gifts that aren’t just amazing, but they’re also capable of brightening up anyone’s day. That’s exactly why you should get this gift for the coming Christmas.

4. Snack Bites Hamper by Simply Hamper

snack bites hamper

Snack Bites Hamper by Simply Hamper

Next up, we have a snack-filled hamper that’ll make an excellent Christmas gift, especially your foodie loved ones – the Snack Bites Hamper by Simply Hamper. It’s originally designed for Raya festivities so everything that comes in this hamper is halal, but that doesn’t stop it from being a perfect Christmas gift hamper. If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for one of your Muslim friends or colleagues, then this hamper will be delightful, but honestly, it’s an amazing gift for just about anyone.

This snack bundle comes packed in a very pretty tray box with ribbon detailing, which I think gives it a very Christmas-present look.

snack bites hamper

Snack Bites Hamper by Simply Hamper

When you unwrap the box, you’lll find Loacker's Quadratini Mini Dark Chocolate, Beryl’s Assortment Chocolate and Beryl’s Double Chocolate Chip Cookies, Melvados' Brownie Brittle to make your sweet treats crunchy, and Mission Tortilla Chips Hot & Spicy to add a contrasting savory twist to the mix. They also didn’t skimp out on the healthy part about snacking, because they added the Tong Garden Nutrione Baked Nuts and Tong Garden Honey Roasted Cashew Nuts.

Snacking on all those goodies is sure to work up a thirst, and Simply Hamper thought of just that, because they also included the Hausboom Sparkling Real Juice as a very refreshing addition to this hamper., 

Now, I know you might be thinking, "Why this Raya hamper for Christmas?" Well, sometimes the best gifts are the ones with a twist. This hamper brings a fusion of flavors that will be appreciated by anyone,and while it's originally created for Raya, the Snack Bites Hamper is so versatile, it'll amp up your Christmas celebrations just as wonderfully. 

Simply Hamper also gives you the option to add a ‘Merry Christmas’ message along with this hamper, so if you're on the hunt for a Christmas gift that's a mix of sweet, savory, and sparkly, look no further than the Snack Bites hamper.

5. Inhale/Exhale Bundle by Innerfyre Co

inhale exhale bundle

Inhale/Exhale Bundle by Innerfyre Co

We have another one of our gift sets to tell you about for this Christmas, and it’s our Inhale/Exhale Bundle. We've poured our hearts into this one, and we're excited to tell you why it makes an incredible Christmas hamper gift.

This bundle is all about finding your way back to serenity and reconnecting with your inner calm. In a world that sometimes feels like it's spinning a bit too fast, we believe in the power of a deep breath and some soothing scents to remind you that serenity is just a moment away. 

The end of the year can be hard for a lot of people. I know it’s hard for me, and that’s exactly why I think this gift bundle makes such a good Christmas hamper gift. Each year goes by quicker and quicker, and it can be good to remind your loved ones to just breathe, and that is exactly what this gift bundle does. 

For the goodies that come in this set, you get to choose from our line of Affirmation Candles. These candles are like little jars of serenity, carefully crafted to create an atmosphere of peace and positivity. I can guarantee that these candles will remind anyone to just relax, calm down, and inhale, even when life seems to be in a whirlwind around you.

But there's more. We're also including an Essential Oil Room Spray of your choice to amplify that sense of calm throughout any space. You can gift this set to any of your loved ones, your coworkers, colleagues, boss, neighbor, mailman, and literally anyone else you want and remind them that life will be okay, but they have to breathe. 

A gift bundle isn’t a gift bundle if it doesn’t come in something special, so we put all of the gifts in this set into a very cute, certified organic cotton drawstring bag with our . The bag is a gift on its own because it’s reusable and eco-friendly, it doubles as a makeup bag, or a storage bag for your snacks, your delicates, and everything else that can fit. 

To make it extra special, this bundle comes with the Love Light Positivity Greeting Card. It's a little piece of encouragement and warmth, perfect for sending your heartfelt Christmas wishes alongside this gift bundle. 

The Inhale/Exhale Bundle is so much more than just a Christmas gift; it’s a package of calm and a very well-needed reminder to take a deep breath and slow down during the busy holiday season. That’s exactly why we’ve included it in this list!

6. Vegetarian Selection Pack by The Cheese Shop

vegetarian selection pack

Vegetarian Selection Pack by The Cheese Shop

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift hamper for one of your vegetarian friends that is as unique as it is tasty, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with the Vegetarian Selection Pack by The Cheese Shop. 

First things first, this pack is amazing for cheese lovers who are vegetarian. None of the products included in this pack have any animal rennet, so you know it’s good for your vegetarian friends. 

The cheese connoisseurs at The Cheese Shop really outfit themselves with this gift pack because it has a curated selection of delightful cheeses, each with its unique charm. From the mild, buttery Gouda with Truffles to the bold and spicy Mexicana Chilli Cheddar, there's something for everyone. They’ve also included the Wensleydale with Mango and Papaya brings a sweet touch to your cheese board, while the Vacherousse d’Argental adds a creamier texture to your palate. 

And let's not forget the extras, because what's a cheese tasting without some companions? You'll find a thoughtful selection of crisp sourdough crackers, sweet dried fruits, and lightly salted nuts. This set is the complete package for a flavor-packed experience, and it comes in a nice, big gift box with a gift card and a handwritten note that you can customize at checkout. 

Why is it perfect for Christmas, you ask? Well, what's better than sharing the joy of good food and delightful cheeses with your loved ones during the festive season? Plus it is so, so unique; you can bet you’ll stand out in a good way if you gift this to someone. It’s extra thoughtful if you’re looking for a gift for one of your vegetarian loved ones as well, because it caters specifically to them. 

7. Unconditional Love Gift Bundle by Innerfyre Co

unconditional love gift bundle

Unconditional Love Gift Bundle by Innerfyre Co

We have another one of our own gift sets to share with you, and it’s just as amazing and thoughtful as the rest of them. Our Unconditional Love Gift Bundle was designed this with one thing in mind: to let someone special in your life know that your love for them knows absolutely no bounds. This is a perfect Christmas gift hamper for her, or for mom as well!

Sure, a bouquet of roses is lovely, but we've taken it up a notch with a bundle of floral favorites. The scents of Lily, Honeysuckle, and Jasmine come together in a harmonious symphony that's bound to captivate the senses and fill the air with pure, unadulterated love.

At the heart of this bundle, we have our beloved I AM LOVED Affirmation Crystal Candle. It's not just any candle; it's a heartfelt message in wax and wick, a reminder that love is a force that surrounds us, embraces us, and knows no limits. Lighting this candle is like casting a warm, loving glow that wraps around your loved ones and fills their hearts with love and affirmation.

But we didn't stop there; we wanted to add a little wanderlust to this bundle, something to spark the adventurer's spirit. And that's where the Paris Wanderlust Roll-On Perfume comes into play. It's like a little journey to the City of Love in a bottle. The scents of Paris, its romantic streets, and the feeling of strolling by the Seine – it's all encapsulated in this charming perfume.

In the spirit of celebrating all kinds of love, this bundle is not just for romantic partners. It's an ideal gift for that special someone in your life – whether it's a family member, a friend, or even a self-love treat. Love knows no bounds, and this bundle serves as a delightful reminder of that.

So, why is the Unconditional Love Gift Bundle perfect for Christmas? It's because the holiday season is all about love, togetherness, and showing appreciation to the people who matter most. It's a heartfelt gift that speaks volumes without saying a word, and it's all about creating moments of love and warmth during the festive season.

This bundle is very perfect for the coming Christmas season because it not only spread positivity and encouragement, but it also allows your loved ones to take a moment just for themselves throughout a busy holiday season. 

8. Christmas Premium Snack Box by The WAI Company

christmas snack box

Christmas Premium Snack Box by The WAI Company

The Christmas Premium Snack Box by the WAI company is a super good gift if you’re looking for a delicious Christmas snack hamper this year. Trust me, you’re gonna want to add this to your Christmas gift shopping list. Why? Because this fantastic box of snacks comes with a variety of 8 unique goodies, each carefully chosen to make anyone’s taste buds dance with delight. And it’s perfect for the holiday season because the snacks packaging is Christmas themed! It saves you the extra hassle, and I think it adds a good personal touch for Christmas.

This gift box reminds me of a treasure chest, except instead of crummy gold, it’s filled with flavors that’s perfect for me to share, or to have all by myself during the Christmas holidays. I’m picky with gifts but even I would definitely not complain at all if someone got this for me as a Christmas gift, so you should definitely consider getting this for one of your loved ones this Christmas. 

Inside, you'll find a generous selection, from the sweet Almonds Honey and Butter Cookies to the rich and salty Cashews Salted. But that's not all; there's the classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and the wholesome Dried Raisins, perfect for those who love a touch of sweetness in their snacks. Now, Iced Gem Biscuits and Pretzel Crisps add a delightful crunch to the mix, and Snow Biscuits bring a snowy touch to your snacking experience. I really like how those last snacks compliment Christmas so nicely; those biscuits remind me of a winter theme park with snow and I think that was super clever on WAI’s part.

So, why is this snack box perfect for a Christmas hamper? Well, it's a gift that's all about sharing and indulging in the delicious flavors of the holiday season. Whether you're spreading joy among friends and family or treating yourself to some festive snacking, the Christmas Premium Snack Box has got you covered.

9. Sanity Series Reed Diffuser Bundle (50ml x 5) by Innerfyre Co

reed diffuser bundle gift

Sanity Series Reed Diffuser Bundle by Innerfyre Co

Alright, gather around because I’m about to introduce you to yet another amazing gift bundle made by none other than your favorite brand, us! Our Sanity Series Reed Diffuser Bundle is all about adding that extra touch of warmth and scent to your home, and we've done it with 100% pure essential oils and eco-friendly, sustainable reeds. It's not just about scent; it's also about reaping the benefits of aromatherapy, making it a thoughtful and soothing gift choice for the holiday season. Reed diffusers provide long lasting scents in any space you choose, and I can tell you that their magical ability to sort of chip away at any negative feelings you have is absolutely valid. 

Now, let's talk about what sets our reed diffusers apart. Unlike scented wax candles and incense that need to be lit up, these diffusers do their thing all day, every day. That's right; they're like the silent scent champions of your space, filling it with incredible aromas, and they'll keep doing that for weeks, or even months at a time.

This collection includes all five scents from our sanity series reed diffuser collection:

So, why is this collection perfect for a Christmas hamper? Whether it's for housewarming celebrations or special occasions, they make ideal gifts for your loved ones' homes. I think this is amazing for your Christmas gift hampers because gifting someone this bundle is like sending a little piece of relaxation and tranquility to their doorstep, which is exactly what the holiday season is all about.

10. Yummy Yuletide Gift Hamper by GiftGood

gift set

Yummy Yuletide Gift Hamper by GiftGood

For Number 10 on this list, I’ll introduce you to a very tasty Christmas gift that's bound to make your loved ones' holiday season extra special – the Yummy Yuletide gift box by GiftGood. Trust us, this one's a showstopper if you’re looking for a Christmas gift hamper.

What makes this gift box so incredible is the mix of seasonal specialties and all-time favorites, carefully curated to bring about a holiday cheer like no other. If you’re trying to send a big box of Christmas festive goodness straight to someone’s doorstep, you’ve found the right gift, right here. 

Inside this beautifully packed gift set, you'll find a little bit of everything to satisfy anyone’s holiday cravings. From the Apple Rose on Mint Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine by Prisecco, perfect for toasting to the season, to the Macadamia Dragees by Fossa, which offer a delightful crunch and nutty goodness.

And for the chocolate lovers out there, they’ve got the 75% Single Origin Drinking Chocolate by Krakakoa, the English Mint Dark Chocolate by Love Cocoa, and the Seasalt & Pepper Dark Chocolate by Krakakoa. I honestly think this is amazing for any chocaholics you know, because this trio of cocoa alone will make someone’s Christmas.

But that's not all – the amazing folks at GiftGood also included some irresistible cookies in this mix. Velkomin Blueberry & Vanilla Cookies and Velkomin Choc Chip Cookies by RÓA are like bites of happiness in every piece. And for the popcorn enthusiasts, there's the Truffle Popcorn by Aroma Truffle, a gourmet treat that's perfect for a cozy movie night.

gift set

Yummy Yuletide Gift Hamper by GiftGood

This gift hamper also comes with a complimentary festive greeting card by GiftGood. It's like the cherry on top of an already amazing gift because it adds that personalized touch that kind of just completes a gift and makes it special. 

Now, why is the Yummy Yuletide gift box perfect for a Christmas hamper? Well, it's not just a gift; it's a whole experience. It’s also really good for sharing, so if you gift this to someone, you’re also giving them the opportunity to share and celebrate Christmas with an extra sense of togetherness.

11. Brighter Days Celebration Bundle by Innerfyre Co

brighter days celebration bundle

Brighter Days Celebration Bundle by Innerfyre Co

This Christmas, we’re all about spreading the warmth and good vibes with our very own creation, the Brighter Days Bundle. Now, we didn't just make this gift bundle and the gifts in it – we crafted them with love and care, and you're about to see why this bundle makes an amazing Christmas hamper gift.

First things first, you get to choose not one, but two 200g Affirmation Candles. Like our Wellness Wonderland Bundle, we’ve left the choice of picking these two candles entirely up to you. This way, you get to do some research into choosing the affirmations that resonate most with your loved ones. These candles are made for the specific purpose of allowing you to show how much you care about someone. The affirmations that come with our candles can uplift, encourage, motivate, or bring a sense of calm – it's your choice. You have a better feel on how your loved ones are doing, and we’re helping you to send your warmest wishes and the most positive vibes with these candles. 

That’s not all about the Brighter Days Celebration Bundle. You also get to choose a 50ml Room Spray. Yep, more scents to fill your loved ones' homes with positivity and cheer. These room sprays are made with 100% pure essential oils as well, and I can guarantee you that it’s like gifting someone a cozy atmosphere in a bottle. That’s not something that’s easy to do, but we’re here to help you do just that!

To make sure your gifts are perfectly wrapped up, we've also included a sleek Candle Wick Trimmer in this bundle; we’ve added this because it’s sure to come in handy with the candles in this bundle.

We also packaged this gift bundle in a very pretty gift box that really encapsulates how we chose to name this bundle. To add a more personal touch, you can even choose to add a handwritten or printed message in a gift card. We want to help you make sure that your loved ones really feel how special this gift is. 

So, if you're searching for a Christmas hamper that's not just a gift but a bundle of positive vibes, look no further than our Brighter Days Celebration Bundle.

12. Gift Set with Ceramic Tea Infuser by Shinrinyoku

shinrinyoku box

Gift Set with Ceramic Tea Infuser by Shinrinyoku

We’ve got a really good Christmas hamper gift with this one, so let’s talk about the Gift Set with Ceramic Tea Infuser by Shinrinyoku

I personally love tea, I can’t get by without the stuff. I prefer it to coffee and I know there’s a lot of folks who are just like me. That’s why I’ll tell you that this gift set is all about celebrating the love of tea with friends and family. This gift comes in a very elegant box with a Japanese-style decal on the outside, wrapped in the comforting aroma of premium loose-leaf teas and paired with a delightful ceramic cat infuser. 

Now, why is this set a perfect addition to your Christmas hamper? Well, it's more than just tea; it's a tea journey waiting to be explored. You get to choose from a selection of premium loose-leaf teas, each with its own unique flavor profile. From the rich and chocolatey notes of Chocolate Black Tea to the soothing and fragrant Lavender Grey Earl, there's something to delight every palate.


Gift Set with Ceramic Tea Infuser by Shinrinyoku

But here's what makes it truly special – the ceramic cat infuser. This isn’t just a box of premium teas, the ceramic cat infuser acts like a charming tea companion, ready to steep those lovely tea leaves and bring joy to every cup. Whether you're getting someone started on their tea journey or adding to a tea lover's collection, it's a gift that's bound to bring smiles.

The tea options in this set are vast and very interesting. You can pick from a variety of flavors, like the fruity Mango Ginseng Oolong or the floral Jasmine Peach Green Tea. Each tea tells a story, and it's like gifting a piece of that story to your loved ones.

13. Shower Steamer + Candle Gift Set by Innerfyre Co

shower steamer and candle gift set

Shower Steamer + Candle Gift Set by Innerfyre Co

If you’re looking for a smaller Christmas hamper gift, we’ve got you covered with our very own Shower Steamer & Candle Gift Set. This one's not just a gift; it's a whole self-care experience waiting to make someone’s Christmas extra special.

So, what's the deal with this set? It's all about practicality, positivity, and elevating your self-care routine. We've carefully curated this bundle to be an ultimate mood enhancer, and it's about to bring some serious holiday cheer to your loved ones.

Inside this value-packed gift set, you'll find a box of 8 Shower Steamers and a 100g Affirmation Candle, our signature touch. What sets these apart? We've used 100% pure essential oils, and the concentration is unmatched. It's like bringing a slice of aromatherapy-grade bliss right into your shower.

The shower steamers are designed to emanate the most amazing, fragrant scents that’ll clear your head and lift your spirits, and each tablet offers up to 3 refreshing shower sessions. If you know someone who’s a bit stressed during the holidays, this gift is absolutely perfect, because using our shower steamers is like a mini spa experience in the comfort of your bathroom, even if you only spend a few minutes in the shower. I’ve used these shower steamers and I can tell you that it makes my showers so much better and they’ve made me realize that it’s easy to underestimate how amazing aromatherapy actually is.

We’ve also included our 100g Affirmation Candle in this set, and it’s perfect for creating an ambiance of positivity and relaxation.

But wait, there's more. We've made it all gift-ready, beautifully presented in a premium Innerfyre gift bag. Plus, we've included a free greeting card for that personal touch, ideal for writing a Christmas message to really add something special to this gift. 

So, why is this set perfect for a Christmas hamper? Well, it's a gift that's all about enhancing well-being, creating moments of relaxation, and spreading positivity. Self-care can often be neglected during busy holiday seasons, but this gift has you covered to remind your loved ones that they’re just as important as everyone and anyone else. 

14. Festive Christmas Hamper by Honey Spree

gift set

Festive Christmas Hamper by Honey Spree

For Number 14, we’ve got something truly heartwarming to share with you – the Festive Christmas Hamper. This one's crafted by Honey Spree, it's too beautiful not to include in your Christmas celebrations.

Now, what's inside this beautifully wrapped box? Well, it's designed to make your Christmas season even more special. It's a thoughtful assortment of hand-picked items, carefully chosen to bring smiles and happiness. 

In this hamper, you'll find a Bamboo Cutlery Set and a Bamboo Lunch Box. These are perfect for on-the-go lunches, and they’re also stylish plus sustainable. I think my colleagues from the office would really appreciate this gift. 

But it doesn’t end there. This hamper also contains 3 St Dalfour Mini Fruit Jam and 3 Mini Honey Jars (they’re also Halal, so you can gift this to your Muslim friends), paired with 2 Mini Honey Dippers. All of these are amazing flavors that are sure to delight taste buds and add that special touch of indulgence to the holiday season. 

You also get to pen your heartfelt festive greetings and appreciation in the complementary Christmas Greeting Card they provide. I really like this feature about gifts because no gift is complete without gratitude and Honey Spree allows you to do that with a personalized touch. 

To top it off, this Christmas gift is presented in a premium gift box, adorned with a very pretty double-sided satin red ribbon. The wrapping really seals the deal and adds a very fancy touch to this gift and it makes it perfect for Christmas celebrations as well. 

Why is this hamper a fantastic addition to your Christmas festivities? It’s super creative and fun, plus it makes for a really good gift for someone you work with. Plus, this is so much more than a gift; it's a gift with a purpose. By choosing this hamper, you're supporting a wonderful cause – empowering underprivileged Stay-At-Home-Mums toward financial independence. 

15. Little Wonders of Aromatherapy Candle Set by Innerfyre Co

gift set

Little Wonders of Aromatherapy Candle Set by Innerfyre Co

Our Little Wonders of Aromatheraoy Candle Set is also an excellent Christmas hamper gift. To give you some insight, I can tell you that this gift bundle allows you to really appreciate how amazing good scents can be in a bunch of different ways. To do so, we’ve put together a trio of fragrant gifts that each offers a unique way to infuse any surrounding with the benefits of 100% essential oils. Whether it’s the soft flicker of a scented candle, the gentle mist of a room spray, or the soothing touch of a healing balm, this bundle has something for everyone. Plus, our products are made with love and care to bequeath unto everyone who purchases them pure positivity and goodness. That’s why we created Innerfyre Co.

Now, what makes this bundle perfect for a Christmas hamper? Aside from how unique and thoughtful it is to give someone a gift that encompasses so much positivity and love, we’ve also packaged these gifts in a beautifully designed gift box, making it an ideal present for your loved ones for the coming Christmas. Gift-wrapping sounds fun but it can get tedious, especially since not everyone has a lot of time on their hands during the holiday season to really sit down and pack a gift. That’s why we’ve covered that for you!

Inside this bundle, you'll find our popular favorites, each in small sizes but packed with all the goodness you'd expect from Innerfyre Co. First up, we have the 100g I AM LOVED Affirmation Candle, boasting notes of Jasmine, Lily, and Vanilla. Next, there's the 50ml Sweet Child O'Mine Room Spray. It's like a gentle mist of tranquility, perfect for creating a peaceful ambiance in any room. And for a little extra gift, we've included the I Need Clarity Healing Balm. Made with Bergamot, White Tea, and Freesia. It’s small so you can rest assured that anyone who receives this as a gift can also carry it with them.

Christmas season can be super hectic. That’s exactly why I think this makes such a good Christmas hamper gift, because the amazing stuff we’ve put into this bundle allows anyone to relax and unwind in the best way possible. 

16. Twinkle Box by The Hamper Story

twinkle box

Twinkle Box by The Hamper Story

Next up, we have a very Christmas themed gift set for you to buy as a Christmas gift hamper – the Twinkle Box by The Hamper Story. The Twinkle Box comes in a kraft box with a transparent kid over, making it a visual delight from the moment you lay eyes on it. It also allows the giftee to see the amazing goodies that they’ve packed in the box.

Now, let's talk about what's inside this delightful hamper. First up, there's a Jacob's Creek Shiraz Cabernet Red Wine, the perfect companion for a cozy Christmas evening by the fireplace. If I were to sum it up, I’d say that it’s like a sip of warmth and celebration in a bottle. But that's not all; the folks at The Hamper Story also got Loacker Quadratini Napolitaner, a treat for the taste buds. These crispy wafer squares are pure indulgence, a little piece of happiness in every bite. For those who prefer tea, the Twinkle Box includes M&S Peppermint Infusion, with 20 teabags; and peppermint tea is actually really good for your help because it can boost your metabolism, help with detoxing, and it tastes super refreshing as well. 

If you're a chocolate lover (who isn't?), you're in for a treat with the Maglio Okinawa Chocolate Napolitan Assorted. It's like a chocolate journey with a variety of delightful flavors to savor.

There’s a lot of sweet treats in this gift box, but The Hamper Story also added some salty Penn State Pretzels Multipack, a crunchy and satisfying snack that's a perfect contrast from all the sweetness, and also really nice to snack on during holiday movie nights.

But here's where the twinkle truly comes to life – the Twinkle Box includes a Lugga Candle to add a warm and inviting ambiance to your holiday gatherings. Plus, it comes with decorative fairy lights, because nothing says "festive" like a little twinkle and glow. The fairy lights really add a perfect finishing touch to this gift box and really hits the Christmas theme as well, so I think it’s a really nice gift to give someone for Christmas 2023. 

17. Twice the Positivithé Bundle by Positivithé

tea gift

Another great Christmas gift hamper set on our list is the Twice the Positivithé Bundle by Positivithé. What's better than giving the gift of Positivithé? You guessed it, giving two! This bundle is all about sending your heartfelt wishes of wellness and encouragement, and it's like doubling the positivity.

In this bundle, you get to choose not one but two blends of your choice, and it even comes with a tea infuser. So, you can gift someone the chance to create their own little tea rituals, super customizable to their taste as they can brew their tea piping hot or refreshingly cold as well.

What makes these blends so special? Well, they're caffeine-free, and they're crafted with care using Positivithé's proprietary Thérapy Blend. Each infusion is like a wellness elixir, derived from three main herbs: Raspberry Leaf, Lemon Balm, and Ashwagandha. But here's the best part – they're bursting with juicy, natural fruit flavors that make every sip an absolute treat. 

These blends are more than just delicious; they're rich in antioxidants and have a history of traditional medicinal use. Modern science has also given them a big thumbs up for their health benefits. So, you're not just giving tea; you're giving the gift of well-being.

But there's an even more beautiful twist to this gift. When you choose the Twice the Positivithé Bundle, you're also making a positive impact on the community. How? Well, 10% of the proceeds from this bundle go toward supporting mental health charities around the world. It's like spreading positivity on a global scale.

This bundle also comes in a special Positivithé gift box, making it a beautifully packaged present for your loved ones. Plus, it includes an adorable tea infuser that’s shaped like a leaf, so they can start enjoying their tea right away.

Plus, caffeine isn’t really too good for anyone, so it’s always a good idea to make the switch to caffeine free products. What better time to do that than during Christmas, which is when you can practice some good habits and resolutions before the new year starts. 

18. Blooming Tea Gift Box of 6 by Shinrinyoku


tea gift box

Blooming Tea Gift Box of 6 by Shinrinyoku

We’re almost done with our gift list, and for Number 18, we have another tea-related gift for this holiday season – the Blooming Tea Gift Box of 6 by Shinrinyoku. 

This gift set is all about reminding your loved ones of life's unfolding beauty. Picture this: you receive a beautifully designed box containing 6 packets of tea balls that bloom like magic in hot water. It’s so much cooler than just tea; it’s like a mesmerizing experience. I’m a big fan of trying out new things, but sometimes, I don’t feel like getting new things to try out for myself. I know that this is a sentiment which is shared by a lot of people, which is exactly why you should get this box for someone as a Christmas gift in 2023. 

Here's how it works – simply take one of these tea balls and place it in a glass mug or teapot. Pour in some boiling water, and then, the magic begins. As the hot water infuses the tea ball, it gracefully unfurls, revealing a stunning flower-like display. It's a feast for the eyes and a delightful treat for any tea lover's taste buds.

Now, why is this Blooming Tea Gift Box an excellent choice for your Christmas hamper? Well, first, it's like giving the gift of pure wonder. The sight of these tea blooms is a spectacle that adds a dash of enchantment to your tea time. It's an experience that's both calming and captivating.

But wait, there's more. These tea balls also make a thoughtful and memorable gift. Whether you're gifting it to a tea enthusiast or someone who's yet to explore the world of tea, it's a gift that's sure to bring smiles. 

And here's a little insider tip: these tea blooms are perfect for savoring with friends and family during the holiday season. It's a unique and heartwarming way to bond over a cup of tea and share a moment of togetherness.

19. Fruit & Flower Medley by Hello Flowers 

fruits and flowers medley

Fruit & Flower Medley by Hello Flowers

The Fruit & Flower Medley by Hello Flowers is an amazing Christmas gift hamper to get if you’re short on time, because you can rest assured that the items in this gift will remain nice and fresh if you have to get it last-minute. 

This gift is all about indulging your loved ones in the best of both worlds – the beauty of fresh flowers and the deliciousness of ripe fruits. Inside this charming fruit basket, you'll find a carefully curated selection of fresh fruits. Think crisp apples, zesty oranges, juicy kiwis, and the exotic charm of dragonfruit. It's a fruit lover's dream come true, and a healthy treat that adds a burst of flavor to your holiday celebrations.

fruit and flowers medley box image

Fruit & Flower Medley by Hello Flowers

But here's the magic touch – along with this delightful fruit ensemble, you'll discover a stunning arrangement of flowers that come in two lovely color themes. The first option is the Cherry Yellow Orange Champagne, a blend of warm and inviting hues. The second choice is the Pastel Pink Blush, a gentle and soothing palette. These flowers are like a breath of fresh air, instantly brightening up any space.

And guess what? Hello Flowers allows you to add a personal touch with a Greeting Card Message. It's like writing a little love note to your gift recipient, and it makes the gift even more special.

20. Christmas Tea + Candle Gift Set by Innerfyre Co

Christmas Tea + Candle Gift Set by Innerfyre Co

For the last gift set on our list, we have a creation of our own, plus a partnership with Positivithé as well! This gift set was so much fun to put together, and we’ve included warmth, intention, and self-care, which we cannot wait to share with you.

This gift set is all about embracing the power of positive vibes, and we've poured our hearts into curating a duo that's bound to elevate your mood. It all starts with our well-loved Affirmation Candle. Designed to guide your intentions and uplift your mindset, this candle is more than just wax and wick. It's a beacon of light, a reminder to focus on what truly matters, and an invitation to bask in positivity. And you can choose your choice of our Affirmation Candles as well, so we’ve added that extra personalization feature to this set.

But we didn't stop there. We wanted to complement the serene glow of the candle with something equally soothing. That's where Positivithé's caffeine-free tea blend comes into play. This isn't your ordinary tea; it's a potion of positivity brewed to perfection. To create this tea, they’ve drawn inspiration from ancient wisdom, incorporating elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and Herbology to create a blend that's designed to combat the hustle and bustle of today's fast-paced world.

With each sip of this tisane, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery and balance. It's a pocket-sized sanctuary, a moment of tranquility that helps you rediscover your inner equilibrium. In the midst of the holiday rush, it's like a warm hug for your soul.

So, why is our Christmas Tea + Candle Gift Set a fantastic choice for your Christmas hamper? It's a gift that encapsulates the essence of the season – a time for reflection, relaxation, and personal growth. It's a gentle nudge for someone to take a well-deserved break, to light the candle, savor the tea, and find moments of peace in their busy lives.

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