Melbourne Roll-On Perfume


The Melbourne Roll-On Perfume combines all the fragrances you would come to expect on your trip to this hip, coastal capital.

Start your day in one of the city's famous cafes as you order a cup of latte and a nice, toasty pastry to go with it.

Then, hop over to the farmer's market where you'll be surrounded with the smell of herbs and juicy grapefruit that's in season year-round. Spend the rest of the day visiting the various cultural and artistic sites in the city, before your evening segues into dinner at the trendiest restaurant in town followed by drinks in an underground whisky bar.

Sink into the leather armchair as you sip a glass of smooth Scotch and delight in its caramel-vanilla notes. Being a city person never smelled so good. 

Note Profile:

The Wanderlust Series is a celebration of adventure, vibrant design, and the spirit of travel. Each essential roll-on is crafted with essential oils, fragrances, and jojoba oil, and these little tubes are packed full of evocative scents that will transport you to a different land. 



Eucalyptus Essential Oil:

Feel invigorated by the fresh, earthy smell of the three types of eucalyptus essential oil in this blend. From their traditional uses as eucalyptus leaves, they’ve also proven helpful for our muscular and respiratory systems. 

Coffee Essential Oil:

And for truly awakening the senses, we’ve added in your dose of coffee beans in this perfume blend. The coffee essential oil transports you to quaint coffee shops that are all but part of your adventures in Melbourne.

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