Gratitude Gifts for Your Work Family

The Importance of corporate gifting

Personal and holiday gifting is undeniably one of the most effective ways to make anyone feel valued. Improved employee retention, the feeling of being appreciated, and increased customer loyalty are but a few of the benefits of corporate gifting.

For employees: Now, more than ever is a time to be connected. A well-chosen gift is a means to keep employees engaged and recognise them for a job well done, especially under these challenging circumstances. 

For clients: In an age where business gatherings turned digital, a gift box for your valued participants can add a touch of reality to what would otherwise be a virtual, impersonal event. Similarly, when customer interactions were kept at a distance, a thoughtful gift can bridge the gap and win a client’s loyalty.

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I AM ENOUGH candle


What to give as a corporate gift?

Selecting the perfect gift for a certain business occasion may not seem easy at first. The most common go-to gifts such as coffee mugs, electronics, and personal care products may not be a perfect fit for all personalities. In the same way, sending inappropriate gifts may only do more harm when it comes to the corporate setting.

There’s also an added level of complexity caused by the number of gift recipients involved. This can be quite a challenge, especially when you have to choose a gift for a big group of people, such as for holidays, rather than a one-to-one gift for recognition and appreciation occasions.

And even when you’ve encountered the most heartwarmingly appropriate gifts, you still have to worry about packaging and delivery — because gifts are supposed to be nicely packed and must seem presentable.


Corporate gifting ideas for employee wellness

As a brand, Innerfyre is all about creating meaningful, essential oil products that will elevate our customers’ self-care routine and bringing a burst of joy and positivity to their day. Every product we have is lovingly crafted to give an inner purpose to its scent, whether it’s to remind them of their awesomeness, transport them to the destinations they have been dreaming about, or boost their mood with a little scent therapy.


Meaningful corporate gifting boxes

No matter what the occasion, Innerfyre products make for delightful gifts! 

Innerfyre was created to help individuals embrace themselves, and to bring a little light and positivity into people’s lives through the loving messages that come with our products.

Bringing a different kind of “light”, our introductory series include the Affirmation Crystal Candles with compelling “I am” messages; and for those who can’t wait to be able to travel again, the Wanderlust Roll-on Perfumes. We also have our Pilow Mist and Room Sprays to help bring these pleasant scents to homes and other living spaces.


More than just corporate gifting trends

Sustainable gifting says a lot about your company’s values. Let your gift showcase your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility and inspire others to embrace a climate-friendly lifestyle.

Here at Innerfyre, we strive to reduce our carbon footprint by keeping our packaging 95% plastic-free and avoiding single-use plastics. In addition, all of our print paper, labels, and packaging are sustainably sourced and where possible, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Equally important, we choose sustainable ingredients like coconut wax that do not take as many resources to grow and rice bran wax that makes use of raw materials that would otherwise be discarded in the supply chain.


To make your corporate gifts as meaningful as possible, tell us your requirements. We’d like to know more about your needs and preferences so we can make better recommendations.

Who are you gifting to? Think about their interests, hobbies, and other fun facts you might know about them to help you pick suitable gifts.

What is your budget per person?

How many persons will be receiving gifts? We’ll want to ensure that we have the proper lead time to meet your time-sensitive requirements. 

Do you require customisation? To make your gifts extra special, you can opt for special designs on labels, custom scents or packaging, or even a specially-formulated custom product for your brand.



Contact us today so we can discuss more ideas for corporate gifting and how we can fulfill your company’s requirements.

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