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Affirmation Crystal Candle

Made with 100% essential oils and an all-natural coconut wax blend, choose the affirmation that best embodies the message you need to hear. Each candle comes with a curated Spotify playlist and real crystals.

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crystal face rollers

The Benefits of a Face Roller Massage

A comprehensive self-care routine should include taking care of the face as well. One way to give your facial muscles some well-deserved TLC is through the use of a proper tool: a face roller. Face rollers are all the rave nowadays when it comes to beauty tools — with beauty bloggers, social media influencers, skincare experts and dermatologists affirming its benefits, who wouldn’t want to join in the bandwagon? What Does a Face Roller Do? For those who don’t know what is a jade roller, it’s a stone rolling device made of the semi-precious stone, jade. Used traditionally in skincare…

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