Welcoming the year with positivity, abundance and light.

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Looking for last minute Chinese New Year gifts? Place your order before 6:00pm and our same day gift delivery will ensure that your orders arrive within 5 hours.

Personalised Chinese New Year Gifts

Add a personalised greeting card to your order and we will have your New Year message handwritten.

All About Positivity

With messages of affirmation and wellness, our products are the perfect Chinese New Year gifts to welcome a year of prosperity and good health.

Chinese New Year Gift Ideas

Affirm a year of wellness, prosperity and luck through your words and the power of scents. Choose from our Affirmation Candles, Crystal Face Rollers, Essential Oil Sets and Chinese New Year Gift Boxes.

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Reminding us to reconnect with courage and ambition, it’s about time that we own our power and start becoming a beacon to attract good fortune. Through the power of positive messages and the wellness benefits of essential oils, progress is all but possible — as we run with our wildest dreams like the ever-adventurous Tiger.

Our Best Selling Chinese New Year Gifts

Usher in a year of positivity and abundance with these uplifting scent favourites that make for auspicious Chinese New Year gifts.

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Usher in the Year of the Tiger with the invigorating citrus scents of this limited-edition candle. Let the aroma of pomelo and tangerine awaken your senses as the sweet, flowery notes of peony and plum blossom remind you of the beauty of your dreams.

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Feel yourself surrounded by the abundance of the universe as you inhale the fresh, soft, gentle, powdery and light citrus aroma. Let the scent of this candle remind you that you are well-provided for, both at the start of this Lunar New Year, and in the days to come.

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