scented candles

More than beautiful scents and pretty packaging, here 3 things to consider when looking for the best scented candles in Singapore.

Fragrance Oils vs

essential oils in scented candles

Fragrance oils are synthetic and designed to just mimic natural scents and that’s why they don’t really provide any therapeutic or health benefits. They’re also known to be made using petroleum by-products and release chemical compounds in the air when burnt.

Choose essential oil
scented candles

Essential oils have properties that can:

benefit our emotional state and mood

reduce anxiety and pain

improve sleep quality

ease depressive symptoms

alleviate skin problems

help reduce stress

promote health and well-being

Is your candle wax

clean and sustainable?

As the candle's defining feature, candle wax is critical for making a good candle.

Most candles in the market are made using paraffin wax, which is a chemically bleached, petroleum waste product. When burnt, paraffin wax releases benzene and toluene, both highly toxic carcinogens.

Choose Sustainable
Scented Candles

Our candles are made from a luxurious blend containing virgin coconut wax and rice bran wax. Coconut wax burns cleaner than other types of candle wax, and emits zero soot particles, as the wax is petro-carbon soot free. Rice bran wax is made from rice bran oil, which is extracted or pressed after the grains have been separated from the husks of rice. It makes use of these crude materials that would otherwise be thrown away in the production process.

We’ve consciously made this decision to avoid the use of other types of wax (such as soy and palm) whose crops have led to:

large-scale deforestation

increased carbon emissions around the world

soil degradation

a candle

Loses nothing

by lighting

another candle.

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Do you know the carbon footprint

of your scented candle?

Candles are heavy and it can be problematic to have the raw materials shipped from another country and then to be produced and shipped to consumers.

Choose eco-friendly Scented Candles

We offset the carbon footprint of our candles by planting trees for every order that we receive, and we work towards carbon neutrality by supporting causes that reforest the earth and offsetting the carbon footprint of procuring our raw materials.

We also work with sustainability partners like The Green Collective and just recently, we have been awarded the Good Brand Award by Sublime Magazine in the UK — in recognition of our efforts towards social and environmental sustainability.