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Aromatherapy for Mum

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Crafted to wrap Mum in a soothing embrace of scents that both relax and convey a deep sense of love, this bundle is your perfect Mother’s Day gift. With a curated collection of 100% pure essential oils known for their profound benefits on the mind and body, your gift offers  Mum a sanctuary of tranquillity and well-being.

This limited edition Mother’s Day bundle includes:

  • 1 x Essential Oil Burner
  • 1 x Embrace Calm and Serenity Essential Oils Set
  • 3 x Heart-shaped Tea Light Candles
  • 1 x Gift Box

Let the natural scents work their magic, creating an atmosphere where Mum can unwind, feel cherished, and bask in the glow of pure essential oils. It's a perfect way to say, "Thank you, Mum, for everything."

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