The Inhale/Exhale Bundle


The ultimate self-care bundle from Innerfyre, this package aims to bring a different kind of light through the power of scent therapy and the meaningful messages of encouragement and affirmation.

An ideal gift for your loved ones (including yourself!), the Innerfyre Inhale/Exhale Bundle comes with your choice of candle, two roll-on perfumes and an essential oil spray.


Upgrade your self-care routine with these Innerfyre products that help inspire and bring light into your life, both literally and figuratively.

All of our candles are made from a luxurious wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax. This unique combination allows us to infuse each candle with 10-12% essential oils, compared to the typical 4-8% fragrance oil you will find in regular soy and paraffin candles.

At Innerfyre, our scents are made from essential oils, so you’re not only giving scent to your home but also receiving the benefits of aromatherapy.

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