Light My Fire: Palmarosa, Rose, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Spray


The perfect romantic, sensuous fragrance with exotic florals and soft, earthy notes to help you try to set the night on fire.


Essential oils in the spray:

Volume: 100ml.

Ingredients: Essential Oils (over 30%), Perfumer’s Alcohol

Perfect as a room spray, pillow mist, or yoga mat spray.

Love is definitely in the air, and all it takes is the inspiring floral scent of the Light My Fire Essential Oil Spray. With its rich and vibrant aroma, any room can be the perfect setting for that romantic date (even a date with yourself!).

Palmarosa Essential Oil:

With various palmarosa uses, it’s no wonder that the palmarosa essential oil is so versatile. From skincare to emotional support, the hours of the palmarosa oil extraction process makes the products worthwhile. Palmarosa has a soft, rosy, citrusy fragrance that can calm and uplift emotions, as well as untangle muddled thoughts.


Rose Essential Oil:

Enjoy your bouquet of roses with one of the best rose essential oil room sprays from Innerfyre. This rich, floral fragrance is both intoxicating and elevating. Did you know that aside from being a gesture of love, the rose has also been known for its healing properties, both emotionally and physically?


Ylang Ylang Essential Oil:

The sweet tropical floral fragrance of the ylang ylang essential oil makes this blend even more interesting, with its spicy-balsamic undertones. With various traditional uses, the ylang ylang smell is said to stimulate the adrenal glands — helping to bring about feelings of calm, confidence and love. 

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Our Sustainability Commitment

Our candles are made with a sustainable blend of Fair-Trade Certified organic coconut oil and Rice bran wax.

All of our candles do not contain any artificial fragrances and are made from 100% natural essential oils.

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