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Sweet Child O' Mine: White Tea, Green Tea and Lily Essential Oil Spray

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Invite child-like joy and positivity into your living spaces as you inhale the light fresh and floral aroma of this blend. Forget the worries of the day and return to a loving secure environment in the comfort of your home.

Essential oils in the spray:

    • Middle Notes: White Tea, Green Tea, Lily

Volume: 100ml.

Ingredients: Essential Oils, Perfumer’s Alcohol

Perfect as a perfume, room spray, pillow mist, or yoga mat spray.

Let the welcoming and comforting scents of the Sweet Child O' Mine Essential Oil Spray bring you back to a joyful state of innocence and security. It’s an ideal aroma for any home — whether you've decided to take some time to relax or concentrate on some tasks, its inviting and soothing fragrance is a comforting companion anytime.

White Tea Essential Oil: 

With a pleasant and soft fragrance, white tea essential oil promotes a homey and relaxing atmosphere. It's no wonder it's been widely used as the scent of choice in hotel lobbies all over the world. Helping soothe and make you feel at ease, white tea can also improve your quality of sleep and enhance your meditation practice.

Green Tea Essential Oil:

Relaxing the mind while sharpening your mental focus, the green tea essential oil is a light and fresh fragrance. It helps relieve stress and can be a great aid while studying or completing important work assignments.

Lily Essential Oil:

With a spicy and sweet floral note, the lily essential oil has long been a favourite perfume ingredient. In aromatherapy, it's often used to help alleviate depression, promote joyful feelings and increase a sense of security.
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