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8 Mistakes You Are Making with Your Scented Candles

Scented candles are like magic potions — they can fix just about anything. They can make your home warm and welcoming with their golden glow and mesmerizing aroma, help elevate your mood, make you feel relaxed, or trigger a set of emotions. Once you find the brand of scented candles that actually work for you, even if these are affordable scented candles, it’s like a gift from the heavens! Oh, the possibilities with scented candles are just endless!

Finding Scented Candles that Actually Work

If you love scented candles as much as we do, then we’re sure that just like us, you would have some of them stocked up in your home all the time. With the kind of fragrances, styles, and containers available, it would be kinda hard to stop yourself at just one, right?

But what we tend to forget is that these amazing little things need care and are super easy to go wrong with. In our excitement of buying new scented candles and burning them, we do tend to forget the basics. So, here is a guide to making sure that you always get scented candles that actually work — by avoiding the 8 mistakes when using them:

1. Buying Cheap Scented Candles

This is one mistake we tend to make as humans as soon as we see the word sale or a low-price tag. I don’t blame you, even I have been there. We do get attracted to products that are cheap and can help save us a few bucks. But remember premium-quality scented candles can never come at a lower price because these are scented candles that actually work because of their ingredients — natural wax and essential oils.

If you are looking for the best and most affordable scented candles — those that will not just add that warm glow but also protect your family from soot and air particles, then opt for natural scented candles. Yes, coconut wax or beeswax candles are more on the pricey side, but you are making sure to avoid any toxic ingredients, they are the real deal!

2. Buying Scented Candles with Fragrance Oils

Always and we mean, always opt for scented candles made with 100% natural essential oils. While candles scented with fragrance oils might offer you a wide range of scents and are widely found on affordable scented candles, they are known to affect your health in the longer run. Essential oils, on the other hand, are safe and have a range of health benefits.

3. Ignoring the Room and Its Purpose when Buying Scented Candles

When buying scented candles it's very important to think about the room you are buying them for and their purpose. That’s because every room in the house has a different purpose and the same goes for the scents of your candle.

Like your living room, for example, is a place where you meet people or catch up with family. It has to have a more welcoming or warm vibe. So, choose warm fragrances like teakwood or cinnamon. Meanwhile, your bedroom is a place where you unwind, rest, and sleep, so lavender-scented candles are the type of scented candles that actually work here. Nonetheless, if you are looking for something romantic then you can pick rose-scented candles for your bedroom.

And if you are looking for something for your bathroom then always think of fresh scents like the ocean breeze or something citrusy. Pick lemon-scented candles as they are just perfect for bathrooms.

4. Buying the Wrong Size of Scented Candles

Say you buy a large-sized candle for your bathroom - this will not just overpower your bathroom with a fragrance but it would also mean wasting a large candle when you could have done away with a smaller one.

That’s exactly why it's important to choose the right-sized scented candles. Tealights are the best for bathrooms, while scented candles with one wick work best for small-sized rooms. And instead of burning two or more candles for a bigger room, it’s best to opt for large candles with multiple wicks.

5. Forgetting the Season When Buying Scented Candles

Would you wear a summer dress when it’s snowing outside? No, right? The same goes for scented candles. Choosing the right candle for the right season can make all the difference — this is how you find scented candles that actually work for a specific time of the year.

Like, pick something warm such as cinnamon or green tea for winters, beautiful floral fragrances like jasmine for spring, fresh and breezy fragrances like orange or peppermint for summers, and oriental fragrances like bergamot for autumn.

6. Using Scented Candles to Mask Odors

I’m sure most of us have done this mistake at least once! Did you also at some point think that lighting up a scented candle would be great to get rid of the fish or garlic smell you cooked last night?

You would have then realized what a grave mistake it is to light up scented candles to mask odors. When you light a scented candle to mask an odor, it gets mixed with the existing odor and you end up with a weird mixed fragrance. To get rid of an odor, there are probably no scented candles that actually work — all you should do is open up the windows and turn on the fans. Scented candles will just make things worse!

7. Lighting Scented Candles and Forgetting About Them

On some occasions, people forget to blow out their candles before stepping out of the house or sleeping. But it is extremely important to make sure you blow out your candles for your safety. Also, always use a candle holder or metal coaster and keep your candles away from drapes, tablecloths, and beddings.

8. Forgetting to Put the Lid Back On

You know, it’s the tiny things that always make a difference in the long run, and what contribute to scented candles that actually work. Like putting the lid back on your scented jar candles once it has cooled down. This will prevent dust from accumulating on the jar and wax as well as save your scented candles from losing their aroma. If you want to know more about how to make scented candles last longer, make sure to read our other articles from the magazine.

Scented Candles Singapore

We hope our suggestions and tips help you from making mistakes when you are buying or burning your favorite scented candle next time. Remember that it’s not all about buying affordable scented candles (though you have to set a good price point too!), but that there are various elements to scented candles that actually work.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for some scented candles with some beautiful fragrances and are 100% natural, then do check out our collection at the Innerfyre Co shop.

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