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Where To Get Underrated Sustainable Scented Candles If You Live In Singapore - Innerfyre Co

Where To Get Underrated Sustainable Scented Candles If You Live in Singapore

Scented candles are some of the greatest home remedies (some would even say it’s a medication) to a long day at work.

They can single-handedly recharge your batteries in the background of our bedside table or by your bathtub. If you’re someone who is picky about their scented candles in terms of fragrance notes, sustainability or you’re looking for where to invest in smaller underrated companies, look no further!

Below we’ve gathered some independent scented candle stores in a list you can take a look at when buying candles.

Scented Candles Singapore: Innerfyre Co

Before we begin, we’d like to thank you for supporting smaller or startup local businesses. For each order received, we’re pretty sure that their founder will be doing a happy dance (we know ours will!).

Your support means plenty, if not only for research and awareness!

As one of the newest brands that offer scented candles in Singapore, Innerfyre Co was founded by an independent and hardworking individual. An idea inspired by their niece's infatuation with scented candles.

This spark lit a bulb in our founder.

Photo by Creativa Images

Prompting them to tirelessly create a company that was sustainable in its own right and empowering to others. Innerfyre Co boasts a collection of different products that promise to soothe as well as ignite an inner fire in their customers.

All of our candles are made from a luxurious wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax. This unique combination allows us to infuse each candle with 10-12% essential oils, compared to the typical 4-8% fragrance oil you will find in regular soy and paraffin candles.

Most commercial candles use fragrance oils, which are great for giving fragrance to homes but have no therapeutic effect. At Innerfyre Co, our scents are made from 100% essential oils, so you’re not only giving scent to your home but also receiving the benefits of aromatherapy.

Innerfyre Co also boasts 100% recyclable packaging that is biodegradable and responsibly sources their ingredients and materials as well as plant a tree for each order shipped!

Here are your choices:

Affirmation Crystal Candles 

As we go through the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we all need a reminder of what makes us truly special. Connect with your inner wisdom as you light the Affirmation Candle of your choice, embracing the powerful message that comes with it. These candles are the ideal companion to your self-care ritual and are also perfect gifts to friends and family who need the messages of encouragement and affirmation.

For example, the romantic and luxurious scent of the I AM LOVED Affirmation Candle reminds its user that they are — and have always been worthy of love.

The delicate and exotic floral fragrances of Lily, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, and Palmarosa are a match made in heaven with Vanilla and Clary Sage. This candle is also infused with Rose Quartz crystals to further promote feelings of love and friendship.

For the full immersive experience, each Affirmation Candle comes with its own Spotify playlist — so you can listen to specially curated songs that best embody the message of these sustainable scented candles.

Message in a Candle

For Dad sustainable scented candle

 An opportunity for anyone to play candle elves, we are giving customers the ability to ‘build your own candle’ — so your gift can have a personalised touch with their choice of message and scent that goes along with it!

Also made from the sustainable coconut wax and rice bran wax blend, customers will first choose their message from the 25 greetings available. Whether it’s for a birthday, housewarming, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or thank you gift, it’s quite likely you’ll find them here.

To continue creating the Message in a Candle, customers will choose the candle scent from 6 blends made with 100% pure essential oils. With scents like Sandalwood Vanilla, White Tea Bergamot and classic Lavender, it can be very difficult to choose, so customers can also chat with us if they need some recommendations!

Next, you can make your candle extra special by adding rainbow rice sprinkles or a crystal to it! 

Coming Soon: Option to add a donation towards our WWF Fundraiser. We’re still finalising the details, but soon, customers will have the choice to make a donation to help sustain the natural world for the benefit of people and nature through WWF’s projects.

Sanity Series Candles

Balance Scented Candle in Singapore

Whether you are looking for Balance, Sleep, or a scent to Empower, the scents of the Sanity Series Candles can bring about a little bit more calm and clarity. 

The best-seller of this series, Balance, is soothing and mellow. A popular scent of choice in hotel lobbies all over the world, White Tea is known for that luxurious, comforting feeling reminiscent of sipping the finest tea around. Its scent promotes a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. 

Like the rest of the brand’s candle offerings, these sustainable candles are crafted from natural essential oils and premium-quality wax to not only fill your space with toxin-free calming aroma but also to be a self-care ritual.

Zen Therapy Series

ikigai scented candle

Inspired by Japanese concepts and philosophies, the Zen Therapy Series scented candles, are also made with 100% essential oils and a sustainable coconut wax blend can brighten up your living spaces.

They are perfect as housewarming gifts or accents to your own home, you can bring a bit more zen through these home fragrance candles.

Available in 3 variants, one of the early favourites is clearly Ikigai — with the fresh, sweet floral scent of Sakura blossoms, the calming aroma of White Tea and the warm, spicy notes of Ginger. You can’t help but encounter bliss as you go about your day with intention.

What makes these sustainable candles even more special is that they come in a ceramic Japanese pottery-inspired jar, adding even more inspiration for the home.

Learn more about how the concept of Yuugen can help you deal with burnout. 

Seasonal Candle Series (available only during certain holiday seasons)

Celebrate the joy and spirit of each holiday with our special collection of seasonal candles! Crafted to reflect the unique essence of festive occasions throughout the year, light up one of these beautifully scented candles and fill your home with the aromas that perfectly complement the season’s celebrations.

Abundance Candle

chinese new year scented candle

With the invigorating scent of pomelo and tangerine, the Abundance scented candle also features the sweet, flowery notes of peony and plum blossom to remind customers of the beauty of their dreams.

The candle includes an Aventurine crystal (also known as the Stone of Opportunity) for prosperity and confidence and a glittering, gold, Pyrite crystal for protection against negative energy.

Available only during Chinese New Year.

International Women's Day Candles

Honour International Women's Day with these specially crafted candles, designed to celebrate the remarkable achievements and spirit of women around the globe.

Each candle in this collection is infused with inspiring scents (such as White Tea Ginger and Cypress Fir) that evoke strength, grace, and empowerment, creating a perfect ambiance to reflect on the strides made towards gender equality and women's rights.

Also made with 100% pure essential oils and a sustainable blend of coconut and rice bran wax, these candles offer a mindful tribute to the remarkable women in our lives  focusing on the profound impact and inspiration drawn from their unique aromas.

Available from February until supplies last.

Diwali Candle

diwali scented candle

This limited-edition Diwali Candle can brighten up the celebration as the scents of sandalwood and vanilla bring a little more warmth and joy into your loved ones’ homes.

Available only during the Diwali period.

Christmas Candles

hope christmas scented candle

Set the scene for a silent night and breathe in the festive scents of Christmas with the special Holiday Collection from Innerfyre Co. Let Peace, Hope and Joy usher in a warm celebration in the company of friends and family. 

Available only from December until supplies last.

Find Your Perfect Scented Candles In Singapore

With your help and diligence in research and consumption, we can build a better world and a more beautiful economy. Each small business needs to start somewhere, so why not give a hand in investing in some gorgeous and affirming scented candles as well as linking hands for the community?

Shop for Scented Candles in Singapore today.

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