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Amazonite crystals

Why Amazonite Could Be Your Soul Crystal

Amazonite, also known as Amazon Stone or the Lucky Hope Stone, can help people overcome their feelings of loneliness, and it has also been linked to happier romantic relationships. It clears negative energy and irritability, as well as safeguards against unscrupulous business tactics and those taking advantage.

It helps a firm attract new clients and orders, as well as being in the right location at the right time for new chances. Amazonite is a lucky stone for games of chance, competitions, and financial endeavours. It will bring you good fortune in all of your ambitions and dreams.

Amazonite can also provide healing energy to those who are struggling with past trauma, allowing them to take the next step forward. When used in meditation to assist the mind in separating stress and anxiety from what is no longer serving us, it is possible to patch up old wounds and make things appear much more manageable.

Described as a "beautiful crystallized variety of a bright verdigris-green", it has a lively green colour. It's also no surprise that this stone is associated with the elements of earth and water, given its beautiful shade of iridescent green-blue.

Amazonite Benefits: Soothes, Brings Emotional Balance, Calms, Courage, Confidence, Alleviates: Worry, Fear, and Doubt.

While it isn't officially associated with the birthstone chart, people born in March commonly use it for protection and balance. It’s also an ideal gift for the lucky 7th wedding anniversary.

Crystals and Their Meaning

The Amazonite meaning is derived from the Amazon River, which was once used to obtain green stones, though it is unknown whether those stones were amazonite. Despite the fact that it has been used for over two thousand years, as evidenced by archaeological finds in Egypt and Mesopotamia, no ancient or medieval authority mentions it. It wasn't even until the 18th century that it was recognized as a distinct mineral.

Did You Know?

Because of its resemblance to jade, amazonite is also known as Colorado Jade or Pikes Peak.

Amazonite is a very ancient stone that is known for its beauty and incredible healing properties. It has been around for centuries and has been widely used in the creation of statues, jewellery, and amulets.

The semi-opaque Amazonite stone, also known as the stone of courage was said to be used extensively by the Egyptians. It’s also believed that Amazonite was named after the Amazon women warriors — these Amazonians were a matriarchal society during the Bronze Age.

For many years, the source of the colour of the amazonite stone remained a mystery. Many people assumed the colour was caused by copper because copper compounds frequently have blue and green hues. However, recent studies show that the blue-green colour is actually caused by trace amounts of lead and water in the feldspar.

Amazonite Properties

The Amazonite stone exhibits a schiller of light caused by inclusions. Schiller is a lustrous reflection from planes in a mineral grain that is similar to iridescence. The schiller is caused by a feature of the crystal structure of the stone. Orthoclase feldspar and albite are found in close proximity and are arranged in layers. This results in a light interference-effect.

Amazonite is a rare mineral that occurs in only a few places on the planet. Previously, it was almost entirely obtained from the Miass area of the Ilmensky Mountains — 50 miles southwest of Chelyabinsk, Russia, where it occurs in granitic rocks. Nowadays, Amazonite is known to occur in a variety of locations around the world. These locations include, among others, China, Libya, Mongolia, South Africa, and the United States.

Crystals and Chakras

Amazonite revitalizes the Heart and Throat Chakras. This stone represents emotional bravery, harmony, and balance. It broadens one's horizons and enables one to see both sides of a situation. As we’ve mentioned previously, it’s an excellent gemstone for those who have experienced emotional trauma — it helps to overcome loneliness, brings equality to relationships, and allows for open and honest communication.

As a spiritual stone, it encourages you to seek your own truths in order to develop a strong sense of self-worth. It improves your ability to set boundaries with others and gives you the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Amazonite soothes emotions and relieves worry, fear, and doubt. It filters information from the brain and combines it with intuition, allowing for freedom of expression.

Crystal Benefits and Amazonite Jewellery

To harness the amazonite healing properties, people have used amazonite jewellery for centuries. Since it also benefits the body systems that support the skin, it has been used as a material and ingredient in various skin care products, such as crystal face rollers.

In times where you need to calm the emotions and resolve your inner conflicts, you may be wondering what crystals do I need? Knowing the crystal meanings and uses, you can then turn to crystals and stones for healing and for their benefits — an amazonite crystal pendant necklace, amazonite bracelet, amazonite ring, or even a candle infused with amazonite crystals may be all you need to bring integrity, courage, and prosperity to the situation.

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