Give and Receive Love

Allow the process of emotional healing to begin by opening your heart to the wonders of the universe. It all starts with emotional self-awareness, and with loving acceptance, you gain the strength to be present at the moment without being held back by your worries.

To embark on your journey of self-love, take your pick from one of these especially-curated oils, or create your own alchemy magic through your own signature blend.

Best for: When we feel trapped in negative cycles, whether it’s in certain aspects of our lives, our emotions, or our relationships. It can be from two very different extremes: we’re either too emotional, totally disconnected from our feelings, walled off from relationships — or being overdependent on relationships. For those times that we are struggling with our identity, feeling weepy, insecure, doubtful, ashamed, embarrassed, or inadequate.

Essential Oils in this set: 

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