Unleash Your Inner Power

Ignite your inner fire as you find the courage, motivation and empowerment through the scents in this essential oil set. 

Dispel negative energy and step into your own brand of confidence and leadership. Regardless of your goals revolve around work, relationships, or self, you are ready for the challenge — and that only leads to your own growth and self-improvement.

Take your pick from one of these well-loved oils, or create your own alchemy magic through your own signature blend. 

Best for: When you're feeling trapped in negative cycles, whether it’s in certain aspects of your life, your emotions, or your relationships. It can be from two very different extremes: we’re either too emotional, totally disconnected from our feelings, walled off from relationships — or being overdependent on relationships.

For those times that you are struggling with your identity, feeling weepy, insecure, doubtful, ashamed, embarrassed, or inadequate.

Essential Oils in this set: 

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