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Courage Shower Steamer

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Courage Shower Steamers

Each box comes with 8 pieces of steamers

Empower your senses and fortify your spirit with our Courage Shower Steamers, meticulously crafted with the distinctive scents of rosewood and cypress essential oils. Here's a look at the impressive benefits of each of these oils:


Rosewood Essential Oil:

Mood Balancer: Rosewood has a comforting and soothing aroma that helps balance your mood, easing feelings of anxiety and stress.

Mind Sharpener: Known to stimulate the brain and improve concentration, rosewood can help you maintain focus and clarity, preparing you for the tasks ahead.

Skin Enhancer: Rich in linalool, rosewood oil promotes skin health and aids in rejuvenating the skin, helping you achieve a radiant glow.

Cypress Essential Oil:

Energy Stimulator: Cypress has a fresh, clean aroma that can energize the senses and rejuvenate the spirit, ideal for kick-starting your day.

Calm Restorer: Known for its calming properties, cypress can help alleviate feelings of tension and promote inner peace.


Embrace your day with bravery with our Courage Shower Steamers. Allow the robust scents of rosewood and cypress to permeate your senses, imbuing you with resilience and determination. Upgrade your shower routine to an invigorating ritual that inspires courage and confidence. Take on each day with renewed spirit and the knowledge that you are ready for anything.

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