Where To Get Underrated Sustainable Scented Candles If You Live In Singapore

Scented candles are some of the greatest home remedies (some would even say it’s a medication) to a long day at work. They can single-handedly recharge your batteries in the background of our bedside table or by your bathtub. If you’re someone who is picky about their scented candles in terms of fragrance notes, sustainability or you’re looking for where to invest in smaller underrated companies, look no further! Below we’ve gathered some independent scented candle stores in a list you can take a look at when buying candles.

Scented Candles Singapore: The Local Brands

Before we begin, we’d like to thank you for supporting smaller or startup local businesses. For each order received we’re pretty sure that their founder will be doing a happy dance (we know ours will!). Your support means plenty, if not only for research and awareness!

Diadem Candles

Diadem Enamel Mug Candles

One of the most impressive things about Diadem is its commitment to recycling. Their enamel mug candles are a great home piece. The other product Diadem boasts is a sustainable recycled bottle candle, made from used bottles, cut and buffed for use, topped with a natural wood lid.

Diadem also has the option of candle making workshops and an easy to use beginner kit accessible to anyone. If you’re looking for a great gift or date night activity, you can present this to a loved one!

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Artisan’s Garden

Photo Credit: Artisan’s Garden

This company is all about sustainability, their scented 100% soy wax candle that is both non-toxic and biodegradable is a great choice for those who cringe and container waste. If you’re in need of a candle refill you can head to their website or stores that serve their products for a smart refill option.

Artisan’s garden also makes handmade soaps using natural ingredients like Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs & Clay. Another impressive item in their collection is the Lizard Away spray. If you’re someone like us and you don’t love getting jump scared late at night by creeping geckos this is definitely a worthwhile product to look into!

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Zendle Scented Candles

Photo Credit: Zendle Scented Candles

Zendle has mastered the art of making something as coarse and unpleasant looking as cement into something beautiful and repurposable. Their 4 scented candles are held in a beautiful cement mould that won’t scald your hands if you were to move your hand around while lit (not recommended but in certain situations unavoidable).

They also have laser engraving for cute messages or labelling names (a great idea for a gift) that you can embellish onto its wooden lid! Another bonus product that candle enthusiasts might perk up to is the Candle Accessories set. Which harbours a Candle Snuffer, Wick Dipper and Wick Trimmer. You can find out more about candle accessories here.

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Gentle Glow

Gentle Glow Chernobyl Scented Candle

Gentle Glow is a passion project as well as an indie company. Founded and hand-poured by Priya. It’s a homely option that would contribute warmth and a sense of belonging to any home. 

Something that immediately caught our eye about their store was the candle with a daring and unique name: Chernobyl Rain.

“Feel the call of distant, far-flung adventures and green forests grown anew from the fall of the dark and heavy rain.”

An intriguing, mysterious and equally alluring sentimental description.

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Breathe Essentials

Photo Credit: Breathe Essentials

These adorable tin jars belong to Breathe Essentials; a local company that works closely with one of the world’s oldest European fragrance houses. They also use eco-friendly wood wicks that further establish their vegan-friendly preposition. Breathe Essentials also has a wide range of products such as Candle warmers, Stainless steel water flasks with a bamboo lid and Jute shopping bags.

Cancer support: Breathe Essentials was birthed when the founder realised the soothing and medicating effects of lavender essential oil. Upon this beautiful revelation their founder, Charlene, decided to open a new world of aesthetic scented candles that helped others. They also do cancer support work with cancer coaches and cancer supporters for those in need.

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Made By Aliens Scented Candles

Photo Credit: Made by Aliens

An eccentric company with various products ranging from scented candles to Botanical+Crystal Wreaths to astrology Ceramic Homewares. Their unique and esoteric take on their products and message is what makes them stand out in a fun and positive way. The good vibes stored within each product is incomparable to most other scented candles stores.

Along with their expansive product range, their focus on crystals and their benefits is definitely something to have a gander at.


Innerfyre Co

I AM BEAUTIFUL Affirmation Crystal Candle

And now we come to Innerfyre Co, a brand that cares about sustainability in self and our Earth. As one of the newest brands that offer scented candles in Singapore, Innerfyre Co was founded by an independent and hardworking individual. An idea inspired by a relative’s infatuation with scented candles. This spark lit a bulb in the founder. Prompting them to tirelessly create a company that was sustainable in its own right and empowering to others. Innerfyre Co boasts a collection of different products that promise to soothe as well as ignite an inner fire in their customers.

One part of that collection would be the Affirmation series; each candle is meticulously chosen through hundreds of recipes to find the perfect combination candle scent, hand-poured with love. The Affirmation series comes with handpicked crystals for the perfect fusion pair for each candle, as well as Coconut wax and Rice Bran wax curated to be cruelty-free and sustainable.

“At Innerfyre Co, We Believe That Caring For The Home We Live In Is Essential To Self-Care.”

Innerfyre Co also boasts 100% recyclable packaging that is biodegradable and responsibly sources their ingredients and materials as well as plant a tree for each order shipped!

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Find Your Perfect Scented Candles In Singapore

These up and coming businesses are just a drop in the pond of the vast ocean of new and small companies. With your help and diligence in research and consumption, we can build a better world and a more beautiful economy. Each company needs to start somewhere, why not give a hand in investing in some gorgeous and affirming scented candles as well as linking hands for the community?

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