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wedding souvenir for guest at a wedding party

20 Wedding Door Gift Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Weddings are something magical. Who wouldn’t enjoy the fanciful wedding decorations, mingling around with family and friends, and, the highlight - watching the bride glide down the aisle.

Planning, planning, and more planning will make all the difference when it comes to weddings; pay close attention to the little details as well.


One such detail is the wedding door gift, i.e., wedding favors, which is closely tied to the personality of the beaming newlyweds.

A door gift is a small token of appreciation that the couple gives to their guests for attending their special day.

There are traditional wedding door gifts, charming and simple, like slices of fruit cake in a pocket-sized box. Modern couples, meanwhile, are now getting more creative and choosing unique yet practical door gift ideas including personalised small succulent plants, coasters, and bottles of cordial.

Here, we’ll run through a list of 20 special door gift ideas that wedding guests are sure to love - couples-to-be, take note!

The significance of door gifts

Door gifts hold a special significance in weddings, serving as a symbol of gratitude and appreciation towards the guests. In short, your wedding door gifts will show your guests how much their support, love, and presence is valued at your celebration.

Choosing your wedding door gift

Now comes the fun part, but you’ll have to scrutinize and weigh the options before settling on a great choice - at least 20 options are listed below for your perusal.

Classic candles

I Am Loved scented candle in clear frosted jar and bronze lid with Innerfyre logo

For traditional wedding door gift ideas that stand the test of time, a good choice would be scented candles, which evoke a warm and inviting ambiance in guests' homes and adds to their home decor. 

Often, the containers of these candles can be engraved per the couple’s wishes; you can also customize scents to mimic the theme of your wedding.

Available for wedding door gifts customisation: custom candles and shower steamers starting from as low as SGD 6.50.

Food favours

Photo by Yauheni Rak from Getty Images

Food favours are usually a hit at big events, so the food lovers might enjoy receiving jars of homemade jam or honey at your wedding, which can be a sweet and tasty reminder of the couple's special day. 

Small bottles of olive oil or balsamic vinegar can add a gourmet touch to guests' meals, whilst cleverly packaged blocks of cheese make for an easy and delightful nibble.

If you're feeling adventurous, consider giving out mini bottles of flavored oils or spice blends. You can even include a handwritten recipe card with ideas on how to use these ingredients.

Personalised succulents

Photo by Jana Bishop Collection (formerly TwigyPosts)

An unusual but creative wedding door gift idea, personalized mini succulent plants can be given out as a symbol of growth and prosperity - a perfect choice for a wedding gift. 

Plant favors are usually pocket-sized; the living gifts thankfully require little upkeep to remain fresh, and can add a burst of greenery to your wedding.

Sentimental souvenirs

Photo by by Alexas_Fotos from pixabay

While witnessing the exchange of vows between a couple is considered the most sentimental moment at a wedding, why not let your guests appreciate your union further?

Personalised photo books, photo magnets, and photo albums that feature pictures from your engagement or pre-wedding shoot are a custom, yet tender wedding door gift idea.

You can also create custom-made keychains that feature each guest's name or initials alongside your own. These gifts will show your guests how much thought and effort you put into making them a part of your special day.

Themed delights

Photo by Glowonconcept from Glowonconcept

As themed weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and influencing everything in the wedding itinerary, the door gifts should reasonably match the chosen theme. 

For example, in a fairytale-themed wedding, you could enchant your guests with mini bottles of bubbles, glittery crystal trinkets, or mini jars of fairy dust.

Dried flower bouquets

Dream Date mini flower bouquet

Outdoor weddings are perfect for nature-inspired door gifts, such as mini preserved flower bouquets and seedlings. The blooms are a natural keepsake - your guests can still find use for these gifts or display them in the comfort of their own home or workspace.

Personalised body art

Photo by kirin_photo from Getty Images Signature

Modern and hip, custom-made temporary tattoos are a bespoke reminder of your wedding day. Plan these temporary tattoo pieces to feature a meaningful quote or design, such as wedding dates or snippets of wedding vows.

For a modern twist, you can also consider setting up a henna booth, or hand out personalized, aromatic henna cones, letting your guests create their own intricate henna designs.

Sandy sweetness

Photo by pixelshot

Have your fun in the sun with laid-back beach weddings and aptly themed door gifts: throw together sunglasses, beach hats, and sunscreen to protect your guests from the sun.

Keep to the beachy vibe with gift accents like mini bottles of beach-scented candles, beach towels, or refreshing mocktails.

Or, you could craft mini bottles of sand or seashell accessories for guests to take home as a souvenir. These beach-themed door gifts will transport your guests to a tropical paradise and remind them of the beautiful memories shared at your beach wedding.

Rustic charmers

Photo by devonanne from Getty Images Signature

Rustic weddings are all about embracing the beauty of nature and simplicity, be it indoors or outdoors. For rustic-inspired door gifts, consider giving out little mason jars filled with homemade jam or honey, hot chocolate concoctions, or handy tinctures. 

The artsy couple can also consider giving out custom tin candles, wooden or ceramic coasters, or bath steamers. Putting together and varying these handmade door gifts complement the rustic charm of your wedding.


Modern weddings are known for their sleek and stylish aesthetics. Wedding door gifts suited to a more modern theme include personalized USB flash drives or mini Bluetooth speakers. 

For more tech-appropriate gifts to choose from, you can opt for phone cases in custom colors, personalized notebooks, or digital accessories. These tech-savvy door gifts will surely impress your guests and showcase your sophisticated style.

Vintage-inspired favours

Photo by by HassanHans from Getty Images

Vintage wedding themes exude nostalgia and elegance -  the classy couple could do with giving out vintage-inspired wedding door gifts such as key bottle openers, jewelry boxes, mini jars of vintage candies, or mini bottles of vintage-inspired perfume or cologne. 

You could also make DIY vintage-inspired jewelry to go with those jewelry boxes. These little gifts will not only transport your guests back in time, but lets them own something that reminds them of your wedding day.

Eco-friendly knick-knacks

Photo by by oksana_nazarchuk from Getty Images

Passionate about sustainability and the environment? How about choosing eco-friendly door gift ideas for your wedding that are more functional than fancy?

Embroidered, reusable tote bags can be customized with the couple’s names and wedding date, and can be used by your guests for grocery shopping or carrying items on a daily basis. Another eco-friendly idea is to give out handmade flower seed paper that guests can write on, and later plant in their home gardens.

For a practical and sustainable gift, consider giving out personalized stainless steel straws or reusable coffee cups. You can add a small packet of fair-trade coffee or organic tea to supplement the gift. 

These eco-friendly door gifts will not only show your guests your commitment to the environment but also inspire them to make sustainable lifestyle choices of their own.

DIY a wedding door gift

Photo by Praiwan Wasanruk from Getty Images

If you're a hands-on couple, try your hand at making your own door gifts for a change. DIY door gifts add a personal touch and can be a fun and enjoyable project for you and your partner - more bonding time together.

One idea is to create homemade self-care pieces, using all-natural ingredients and a hefty dose of creativity. You can choose different scents and molds to match your wedding theme. 

Another DIY option is to make mini herb gardens in mason jars. This practical, handmade gift will make a unique display piece and will also provide guests with fresh herbs for cooking.

Cooks and bakers can bake homemade cookies or create personalized jars of homemade granola and cookies. You can package these treats in beautiful containers and tie them with a ribbon to create a visually-appealing gift. 

The possibilities for DIY door gifts are endless, so let your creativity shine and create something truly one-of-a-kind for your guests.

Budget, don’t break the bank

Weddings can be notoriously expensive, and for those on a tight budget, an affordable option is the way to go. Maybe make your own homemade chocolates or truffles - anything small and portable. While you may initially make bulk purchases to save money, you can still make fun gifts with an added personal touch.

These small but thoughtful gifts will show your guests how much you appreciate their presence without straining your budget

Gift packaging and presentation

Knowing your wedding guests will leave the reception with tummies full and a nifty bag gift bag in hand sure is a relief.

The bag containing your door gift is as important as choosing the gift itself. Invest in beautiful gift boxes or bags that match the theme and colors of your wedding. To this you can add custom-made gift tags that include a heartfelt message for each guest, ribbons, and other embellishments such as dried flower blooms and charms.

Choose your own wedding door gifts

Whether you opt to go with simple and traditional, or extravagant DIY wedding door gift ideas, the most important thing is to choose something that you’d be happy presenting to your guests, or something you’d be happy to have yourself.

Having these impactful wedding favours is an opportunity to showcase your attention to detail and creativity, and express gratitude - surely, this heartfelt sentiment would leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

With these 20 wedding door gift ideas, you can be sure to delight your wedding guests and make them feel welcome as you mark this joyous moment together.

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