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best corporate gift work from home gift box idea for virtual colleagues

6 Best Corporate Gift Ideas for your Virtual Colleagues

There was a time when working from home has become quite the norm for many people. And even though more and more people went back to the office after the pandemic restrictions lifted, there's still many of us who were able to keep the WFH setup. 

That said, whether you are working remotely or onsite, it's still essential to connect and establish relationships with your colleagues.

Beyond the exchange of pleasantries and casual conversations, these relationships act as the building blocks of a harmonious, collaborative, and productive work environment.

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In this context, the tradition of gifting emerges as a potent tool, weaving threads of camaraderie and mutual respect among peers.

So, how will you build deeper connections with your virtual colleagues in the midst of all of these transitions?

Well, that's easy. Give your employees and colleagues the recognition and appreciation they deserve!

Send out corporate gifts to your colleagues. Celebrate having them help you and your business! The thought of expressing gratitude, compassion, and care for your workers (even clients!) helps to brighten their worlds. With this, you bolster your brand, values, and relationships.

So, how are you going to show that you care for them? Well, we've put together a list of the 5 best work from home gifts for your virtual colleagues and show your appreciation for them. And, don't worry, it won't ruin your relationship with them, in fact, it will build a stronger one!

Sending unexpected (even if they're few) corporate gifts with appreciation to your colleagues can make a significant difference in your team's dynamics.

Set Intentional Virtual Meetings

Okay, with all the virtual meetings, there's no way you could celebrate your office traditions physically.

But, there are other ways you could use and keep the office traditions, just virtually! This is one of the best work from home gifts you can set for your colleagues. 

Keep in mind, whenever there are meetings, there are always intentions like agendas! But, sometimes, you and your colleagues are drained from the virtual meetups you've had for the week, just talking about work. So, what can you do to help them (and you, of course!) to avoid all that draining mood for the next week?

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You could open your meetings with breathwork or meditations to help them clear their minds! Suggest to light a candle at the start of your online meets, then take a moment to breathe and gaze into the mellow flame to recreate some of that charm. Enchanting and relaxing, isn't it?  

Message in a Candle

Or, you can also schedule game nights or happy hours every time you meet! Your colleagues can relax with a beverage of their choosing — whether it's a glass of wine or a drink of water — catch up on what's going on in their personal lives, have virtual costume parties, and even play online games together! Now, wouldn't that be fun?

So, even after a long day of screen time, you can help refocus the whole mood and energy of everyone in your space and start building that ever-lasting connection with them! 

Now, here comes the other tip to help you show appreciation to your colleagues. Just scroll down because this one's connected with the first tip!

Create your Online Community Space

See? This one's really connected with the other one!

Well, we can't take away socializing from everyone, and it's the favorite part of everyone during work. We interact with our colleagues and get a sense of belongingness in a community. So, this part should not get lost in our new normal. Now, another one of the best corporate gifts for colleagues!

Aside from having corporate online meetings, game nights, and happy hours, you can create an online community space for you and your employees. This is what you can also call work from home gifts for colleagues. Here, you can interact with each other more casually than you are at work. You could talk about your interests, send your pet photos, recommend candles or essential oils to them! 

 essential oil set corporate gift idea

You could use online community platforms like Discord, Slack, or a private Facebook group to interact and socialize with your colleagues. If you do use these platforms for work, you can create separate channels for your casual discussions! In this way, if they need to walk away from work for a moment, they can jump into those channels, and when ready to return, your colleagues can close the tab or turn off notifications and return to work.

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Moreover, community spaces like these retain a sense of belonging and shared interests that keep people engaged in their work even in these difficult times!

If you'd like to take employee engagement further, you can explore virtual volunteering, wherein employees have acces to a recorded live event that they can participate in on their time.

Okay, then, what's next? 

Send Gift Sets & Bundles

Giving your colleagues corporate gifts with the intention of gratitude and appreciation can go a long way to establishing relationships. And, this could be made easier since we're all just in the online space now. You could just order gift sets online and have them delivered to your employees' homes!

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So, with the holiday season fast approaching, it's always a fantastic time to recognize and give thanks to your colleagues. You could send out holiday gifts, like sweet cookie baskets or relaxing room spray bundles! And you could personalize them before be sending them out. 

room sprays corporate gifts

When you send out personalised gifts for colleagues, they are more appreciated and cared for. Like some would say, the more personalised gifts you give out, the more meaningful they are to the receivers! 

Other than custom corporate gifts, you can also consider giving your colleagues the wonderful idea of care packages. For starters, care packages are well-planned gift bundles, specifically made to show your thanks and attention, making your colleagues feel as completely special and irreplaceable as they are. Well, what do these care packages help your colleagues with?

Care Packages as Work From Home Gifts for Colleagues

First of all, you might be wondering what’s inside care packages.

Well, they contain items that make working from home more efficient, fun, or luxurious like office supplies or essentials if you want to gift them as work from home gifts for colleagues.

Or, you can curate the items inside the care packages like those full of snacks to uplift your colleagues’ spirits and bodies, satisfying their cravings. Some care packages show concern for burnout colleagues, while others focus more generally on overall wellness like wellness bundles!

self-care gift bundle for corporate gifting

Moreover, corporate gifts such as care packages give joy, good vibes, and happiness to your colleagues. And, with the growing happiness and satisfaction of your colleagues, they can do better with their work!  Like some studies, work-engaged employees put in more effort at work, increasing productivity by as much as 17%.

So, when you gift care packages to your colleagues, you boost their morale in these difficult times. Choose a care package that your colleagues will surely enjoy to reconnect, rebuild, and re-establish that long-lasting connection with them! If you don’t get one care package idea in mind, you can look at this care package guide to help you.

But, if you're reading this after the holiday season, you don't have to worry because you can still send gifts to your employees! The occasion doesn't matter; send out those gift sets and bundles to show how thankful you are for them.

Whether they are gift cards, thank you cards, flowers, candles, essential oils, or anything you have in mind! These are some personalised gifts for colleagues.

Now, that'd be one of the best corporate gifts for colleagues you could send. So, how could you further build that long-lasting relationship with them? Go on and scroll down for more!

Offer Time Flexibility

hand watch best corporate gift work from home gift for colleagues time flexibility
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In these challenging times, we clearly have blurred boundaries for work, home, and family. Work times could overlap with our family time. Well then, what could you do to help your employees? Give them work from home gifts like time flexibility when it comes to their working hours!

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You could offer thoughtful and compassionate time flexibility for them. You could allow them to join meetings while driving or with their cameras off, letting them complete work hours when it makes sense for them, and adjusting the scope of projects based on their capabilities. As long as they get the quality work done, let them have those boundaries back.

This is definitely what your colleagues would appreciate as they can have their boundaries back. And, this is also one of the best corporate gifts for colleagues!

That in itself could add a lot more positivity to the workday, and if you can integrate a self-care corporate gift like an uplifting shower steamer or bath salts with benefits of aromatherapy, it would tie the messaging well.

shower steamer corporate gift idea

So, what's another way to show appreciation for your employees?

Recognize Their Accomplishments & Hard Work

Considering that your colleagues have been working virtually, the work gets draining with every hard work they pour out to it. Well, then what great corporate gifts or work from home gifts can you send out to your colleagues? You recognize their accomplishments and hard work!

We all love the recognition we get when our work and efforts are appreciated and valued. While finishing daily tasks, it's easy to lose sight of how important it is to recognize our colleagues' achievements.

Ikigai Reed Diffuser

Even small gestures can go a long way toward showing your gratitude. Small presents, for them, to commemorate milestones like birthdays, work anniversaries, project completions, goal accomplishments, and more should not be missed!

To make it thoughtful, it could be something like this Zen Therapy reed diffuser that can bring about the benefits of aromatherapy to their workspace at home, which also has a meaningful message about one's life purpose.

Clearly, there are many more ways to acknowledge achievements in the online space, like holding company-wide zoom meetings to recognize successes or giving collaborators a virtual shoutout on social media.

Something as simple as a few minutes can make or break your colleagues' entire week!

Final Thoughts

custom scented candle gift for colleague

You see, you could show your appreciation to your colleagues in different ways! Whether it's a small or big gesture, tangible or not, they're all okay to be gifted for them. For Corporate Gifts in Singapore, you can browse for meaningful and sustainable corporate gift ideas among our Affirmation and Aromatherapy candles, essential oil sprays, and roll-on perfumes.

For Christmas gift ideas for your colleagues, make sure to read our other article as well. In these ways, you could build strong and long-lasting connections with your employees!

Shop for Corporate Gifts today.

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