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Custom Corporate Gifts that Will Build Employee and Client Relationships in 2023

We all know that gifting helps define relationships and strengthen the bond between family and friends. When sending gifts to our loved ones, there’s a certain kind of joy that comes back from knowing that they loved your gifts, especially if you took the time and effort to choose gifts based on their unique preferences. 

This is why personalised and custom gifts say so much — even in corporate gifting. Custom corporate gifts convey your thoughtful appreciation towards the gifts’ recipients. Furthermore, the best corporate gift ideas will complement and expand on your company's essential messaging, showing that your core values are applied to all aspects of your business. 

Nonetheless, in the search for the perfect custom corporate gifts, companies may get lost among the many preconceived myths about these personalised gifts. As these types of gifts tend to be more on the expensive side (the price of being custom-made), it would be a shame if your recipient will not find them practical or meaningful to keep.

Some Myths About Custom Corporate Gifts

So first, let’s bust some of the custom corporate gifts out there. 

MYTH: Branding Is a Must!

You may think that this makes the merchandise more special, but it's likely that not everyone would want to wear a t-shirt or sip coffee from a cup with a large, unsightly logo on it. 

While you can go ahead and use your logo in corporate gifts, you should still opt to strike a balance. Choose a custom corporate gift with the appropriate level of personalisation. Make your logo visible, but find a way to make it visually appealing.

MYTH: Packaging Has to Be Fancy

custom corporate gifts box


Packaging can make your custom corporate gift extra special, that's true. But you would also want to take into consideration that people are now more environmentally-conscious, so choosing sustainable corporate gift ideas (even down to the packaging) can say a lot about your company.

Doing so doesn’t mean you’ll have to skip on that pretty bow, gift box, or gift bag. With many corporate gift suppliers offering biodegradable and recyclable packaging, your gift will truly feel more meaningful.


MYTH: Custom Corporate Gifts Take Longer to Produce

This can be the case, but not always. While they're not exactly same-day delivery gifts, the amount of time may actually depend on the size of your order — in general, larger orders take longer to prepare. 

However, if you find a reliable corporate gifts supplier in Singapore, they should be able to complete your order faster than those who subcontract their orders. With the facilities and means to fulfil orders, they should be able to produce your order on schedule and without sacrificing product quality.

And for orders that come in bigger quantities, you may find that your custom corporate gifts can come out less expensive than your other options. 

MYTH: No One Uses Custom Corporate Gifts

After spending so much time, budget and effort preparing your custom corporate gifts, it would be disappointing if they end up not being used at all. So it's important to give your valued clients, employees and colleagues a personalised corporate gift that they will not only use but also enjoy.

Here are some suggestions for choosing a thoughtful custom corporate gift:

  • Choose a gift based on the occasion
  • Think of the recipient’s lifestyle
  • Go for original ideas
  • Take the time to find the best corporate gifts supplier

Ideas for Your Custom Corporate Gifts

To help you find the best custom corporate gift, here are some of our ideas:

1. Custom Candle Gifts 

custom candle bundle corporate gift

Think of a candle as a canvas, ready to be imbued with the essence of your brand. Choose the scent that mirrors the ethos of your company, select a jar that aligns with the aesthetic you desire, and adorn it with a label meticulously crafted to echo the theme of your event.

If you wish, you can also build a bundle around the same theme and add in products that would further strengthen your messaging.

Every element is customisable, offering a tangible reflection of your brand’s identity. The bespoke nature of these candles ensures that each piece resonates with the meticulousness and elegance synonymous with your brand, transforming a humble candle into a narrative of your corporate journey.

2. Custom Tea Bundles

corporate gift idea: tea bundle with gift box

A tea bundle is one of those underrated gems in the corporate gifting world. Picture this: amidst the daily hustle and whirlwind of meetings, your colleagues or clients unwrap a bundle of assorted teas. It’s like an instant passport to a few moments of peace and quiet, a little escape in a cup. Who wouldn’t appreciate that, right?

Each type of tea, with its unique aroma and flavor, is like a special nod to the diversity we all love and embrace in our professional circles. It says, “Hey, we recognize and celebrate everyone’s individual taste!” And let’s face it, there’s something inherently warm and personal about a cup of tea. It’s more than just a drink; it’s a moment of clarity, a peaceful interlude in a busy day.

And if you're concerned about caffeine overload, you can opt for caffeine-free tisanes like these ones from Positivithé which can be brewed hot or cold. 

3. Mindfulness Bundles 

brighter days gift bundle

Reminding its recipient to pause and take the time to breathe, a wellness bundle like the Brighter Days Celebration Bundle can truly add light to the workplace. And because it can also help one carve out time for self-care at home, it makes for good work from home gifts.

A perfect gift set for someone who could do with an extra dose of positivity, encouragement, de-stressing, and all-rounded self-care in their lives, this bundle comes with Affirmation Candles, a  room spray and candle wick trimmer.

Crafted from 100% pure essential oils and a luxurious wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax Innerfyre Co candles are sustainable, non-toxic and natural. Our materials are 100% biodegradable and recyclable and we do not use plastics in our packaging.


Wellness & Aromatherapy Products 

shower steamer corporate gift

In today’s fast-paced environment, where deadlines and projects often take center stage, a gift that encourages pause, reflection, and relaxation is like a breath of fresh air. Wellness gifts speak a language of care and consideration. They whisper to the recipient, “Your well-being matters to us.”

It's not just about acknowledging the efforts and achievements of colleagues, clients, or partners; it’s about valuing them as individuals and caring for their holistic well-being. A wellness gift, be it a custom-scented candle, a relaxing essential oil kit, or a luxurious wellness hamper, stands as a symbol of an organization's commitment to the health and happiness of its people.

healing balm wellness corporate gift idea

It’s a thoughtful gesture that lingers, fosters goodwill, and nurtures a positive, harmonious workplace culture. In the grand dance of corporate interactions, a wellness gift is that graceful step that adds meaning, warmth, and a touch of humanity to the professional narrative.
Aside from candles, there are several other ways to gift the benefits of aromatherapy. From balms, diffusers, roll-on perfumes, room sprays, bath salts, and shower steamers, you can choose which items to include in your bundle.

These can also be given on their own, and you can opt for special packaging for a more special feel. 

Custom Corporate Gifts Singapore

With these unique custom corporate gift ideas,  you may be ready to set up your plans for corporate gifting. To find out more options for your corporate gifts in Singapore — including customising the scents, packaging, labels and containers of our candles, send us a message today.

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