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man giving a box of corporate gifts in Singapore

Your Guide to Choosing the Best Corporate Gifts in Singapore

Navigating the world of corporate gifting can feel a bit like trying to pick the perfect outfit for an event without knowing the dress code—exciting, yet slightly daunting.

As we step into the ever-changing post-pandemic work landscape, corporate gifts are now moving beyond mere tokens of appreciation to become meaningful extensions of your brand's values and culture.

Whether you're aiming to leave a lasting impression on your clients or to show genuine gratitude to your team, the perfect gift can speak volumes. 

Essentially, with the right corporate gifts, you’re sure to win over the loyalty of employees, and the appreciation and confidence of business partners.

However, choosing the wrong corporate gifts might mean these are simply placed in the bottom drawer of their office desks. Or worse, an inappropriate gift can upset the recipient. 

The good news is that there are several strategies for selecting corporate gifts to enhance your relationship with both clients and employees. Here are our tips for choosing the best corporate gifts in Singapore:

Choose Customised Corporate Gifts

Custom corporate gifts are a timeless concept in Singapore. Sending personalised presents to your clients and staff demonstrates that you care about them on an individual level, and value their contributions to your company.

So, what would be a unique and personalised corporate gift in Singapore?

customised corporate gift candle

Forget about customised caps and t-shirts!

You need to come up with a new idea, something useful like a name engraved folder, notebook, or passport holder, would most likely be appropriate. Or you can opt for a customised message for your company that can be attached to a product, such as an affirmation message that best represents your brand.

By customising the scent, label, jar and/or packaging, you have yourself a meaningful corporate gift.

Consider Meaningful Work from Home Gifts

Although most restrictions have eased up, many employees and corporate workers have been working from home for the past year or two due to the pandemic.

And you probably know how difficult it is to adjust to working from home because most households lack basic office equipment.

Facebook and Google, for example, are providing special grants to their employees who want to set up a home office.

diffuser corporate gifts

That said, not every company has a budget like these two, and it’s not easy for small businesses to provide for their employees.

Nonetheless, you can always give your employees a small token that will assist them in working from home.

A laptop stand, power bank, or office stationery products, would assist your staff in setting up a home office. Scent-inspired products such as essential oil sprays, reed diffusers, preserved flowers, or candles, can also liven up a working space, and would make ideal work from home gifts.

Make Your Corporate Gifts Eco-Friendly

People are increasingly becoming aware of climate change and its consequences. As a result, more and more individuals are now attempting to live a sustainable lifestyle in order to mitigate the effects of global warming and ensure that future generations will be able to live in a livable environment.

Giving your business friends and colleagues in Singapore eco-friendly and sustainable corporate gifts demonstrates that you are a responsible organization that cares about the planet's well-being. Some environmental–friendly and sustainable corporate gift ideas include eco cutlery sets, eco notebooks, and eco kraft pens. 

You might also want to take a closer look at the ingredients and materials used in your corporate gifts. As a sustainable corporate gift supplier, we use a signature wax blend that contains coconut wax and rice bran wax.

Coconut wax is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable waxes in the market. In comparison to soy, which is an intensively grown crop that depletes natural ecosystems, coconut is a renewable and high yielding crop. In other words, fewer coconuts are required to produce an adequate quantity of product. 

Meanwhile, the production of rice bran wax further adds value to the supply chain because it makes use of crude materials that would otherwise be thrown away in the production process.

Give Corporate Gifts of Wellness

Clearly, these uncertain times have affected everyone's emotional and physical well-being. It's one of the many lessons the pandemic has taught us. As a result, an increasing number of people are concerned about their physical and mental health.

For your corporate gifts in Singapore, why not consider a gift that shows you care about your employees’ and clients’ well-being?

You can give them a complimentary gym or spa membership, or you can give them humidifiers and simple exercise gear if gyms and spas are still closed in your area due to pandemic SOPs. 

Scented candles are also an ideal gift that can remind them to take care of themselves. However, most commercial candles are scented with fragrance oils, which can be effective in perfuming rooms and homes but have no therapeutic effect.

Innerfyre Co products are made with therapeutic essential oils, so customers are not only bringing scents to their homes but also benefit from the aromatherapeutic qualities of the candles.

Give Corporate Gifts of Travel 

Remember the time when travelling overseas has become nearly impossible due to the pandemic's travel restrictions? While that may not be the case anymore, not all of us can go out for revenge travel just as easily.

As more and more people have discovered outdoor activities such as camping and picnic excursions to clear their heads and breathe fresh air, weekend trips to the local beach or the mountains with friends and family have now become the most popular method to unwind.

Because camping at these locations is rather adventurous, you can give gifts to make these trips memorable for your recipients.

Gifting camping or vacation equipment as a corporate gift would be a unique concept that your staff and clients would appreciate. Travel and camping corporate gifts can include picnic mats, waterproof backpacks, and cooler bags.

essential oil roll-on perfume 

Another option is to bring frustrated travellers a little bit closer to their dream destinations. Through roll-on perfumes like those in our Wanderlust Series, you can help them navigate their way, simply through the magic of scents!

Made from essential oils and jojoba oil, these perfumes (with destinations like Provence, Paris, and Bali) make great corporate gifts for your colleagues in Singapore

Let them Choose their Corporate Gifts: the Wonders of Gift Cards

It may sound cliche, but nothing beats the versatility of gift cards as corporate gifts. You provide your clients and employees with the freedom to buy whatever they want or need by giving them gift cards.

Most importantly, it's simple, and you won't have to do any complicated math to stay on track. You can even add a special note to it to make it more personal.

If you’d like to set up Innerfyre Co Gift Cards as your corporate gift, contact us today! 

One Last Detail: the Packaging

corporate gift option

With all these considerations, it's just as important that you choose the right gift packaging. This will also show how important customer and employee relationships are to you.

If you don't have the time or don't have the talent for gift wrapping, numerous retail businesses and shopping malls offer gift-wrapping services, and you can consider these for your corporate gifts.

corporate gift box

At Innerfyre Co, we offer several options for packaging, like gift boxes and outer tube packaging that are100% recyclable and biodegradable. You’ll be pleased to know that we make it a point to avoid the use of single-use plastics.

Your Options for Corporate Gifts Singapore

With these ideas for corporate gifts in Singapore, you may already be inspired to shop for your colleagues and clients. For external gifts, make sure you do your research on company gifting policies, and always keep in mind that each business entity may have different rules and cultures for corporate gifts.

For more information on your options on Corporate Gifts Singapore, you can shop today, or send us a message at
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