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best christmas gift ideas for friends and family

Christmas Gift Ideas 2024: Your Guide to Meaningful Gifting

The holiday season is coming, and everyone's already searching everywhere to find the perfect gift for their friends and family. But, do you know what make the best Christmas gift? These would be the intentions behind every gift you give — the warmest, most passionate personal touch you can have for your gifts.

Our intentions behind the gifts reflect our values. If we buy sustainable products, we positively give support to the environment. As easy as that! And that's how nothing can beat the holiday essence of being intentional.

Every gift should have a purpose, and that's what you need to keep in mind!

But with the booming online marketplace, we miss out on incredible brands that can help us find the perfect and best Christmas gift. So, how do we become intentional in finding those brands and buying our holiday gifts?

To make it easier for you, we made an easy-to-follow gift guide on how to find the best brands and Christmas gifts for friends and family with purpose. Surely, this will give you the best Christmas gift ideas, so scroll down now and enjoy!

Choose Christmas Gifts from Artisans

More often than not, artisan crafts are handmade. And, people love handmade products because it gives a sense of customization that is unique from other products and is quality-wise good.

Okay, so, how are these crafts considered unique? Artisans give extra care, time, love, and passion meticulously to every craft or product they create. Is this giving you enough reason why artisan-made crafts are one of the best Christmas gift ideas for friends and family?

Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash

Well, not only are the crafts meticulously handmade, but these artisans often run small-local businesses that help them in their daily living. With the virtual work caused by the pandemic, there came the booming rise of small online businesses. It became hard for people to sell their products offline. And so, they virtually opened up small businesses.

What better way to support small local businesses? Aside from getting to have the high quality and uniqueness of the product artisans made by hand, you would also get to support their business and help them be recognized with the attention they deserve. Better to find brands that support artisans or brands themselves run by artisans!

You can take a look at this gift guide for brands and products (those supporting artisans, of course!) to help you decide on what to give to your family and friends.

Here are some concrete suggestions for you: aromatherapy or hand-poured affirmation candles, handmade earrings or bracelets, or tea sets!


Find Ethical Brands that Respect Workers' Rights

Christmas is the season of giving and we give back to the artisans, the workers, and other people by supporting the crafts they create. Our Christmas gifts meant for love, care, and joy shouldn't cost the artisans' and their workers' well-being. This is why we should consider buying from ethical brands that respect their workers. Why? Because what the brand does to their workers reflects their values, just like how consumers intentionally buy their products.

Moreover, you have to be wise whenever you want to buy a product from a certain brand.

Are they respecting their workers or are they exploiting them? Exploiting workers is never right and is downright cruel; it just means that they give less value and make their workers do everything despite the work not being in the job description. Not only do they get that sort of treatment, but also below minimum wage pays instead of the average ones.

So, if you're buying from brands that said they support artisans, make sure that you know they do support the artisans and respect their rights!

But then again, how can we know if the brand is ethical and respectful of its workers? Most brand websites show the causes they support and the good they do in society via the featured articles, given awards, and the like that prove they're ethical. You need to have ample time when researching the brands you want to buy most.

And, think about it, you would not want a Christmas gift that cost the overall well-being of the workers, right? Well, would you still want to support brands that do not respect their workers? We'd think not!


Find Brands that Care for the Environment

I AM BLESSED affirmation candle sustainable christmas gift idea

In this current climate, most products that almost every brand releases are eco-friendly and sustainable. And, it is what most people focus on now. In return for our planet giving us home, we should also give back to it by caring for it through planting trees, lessening the use of carbon footprints, and the like. So, if you’re new to giving back to the environment, you can start with your Christmas gift by buying products from brands that leave an environmental impact!

Our Christmas gifts for friends and family should not also give love, but also give back to the artisans, the workers, but also to our environment. The best Christmas gift ideas would be the products that leave an environmental impact. How big of an impact? We buy products that are sustainable and eco-friendly!

But, how can you prove that the brand and its products are sustainable? You look for specific claims about the materials used in the product. So, if there's a natural ingredient listed and contained in the products, that's proof enough that the brand and product are all-natural, as they say. 

Brands that go into deep detail with their commitment to giving back to the environment are another way to know if their products are sustainable and eco-friendly. The meticulous details and information they have on their websites can prove their dedication to leaving an environmental impact.

Moreover, other proofs can help you identify if a brand supports the environment such as the Good Brand Awards by Sublime Magazine.

Sublime has been awarding this brand endorsement badge to businesses that customers can trust since 2007. Businesses can use this logo to represent their products and services as items that are made and supplied in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. 

Better to know that the holiday gifts you'll be buying are giving back to the well-being of our environment! And, remember, that would also be one of the best Christmas gifts!


Find Christmas Gift Products with Good Quality

This would be the idea that most people forget, or well do not consider. The Christmas gifts you buy should have good quality, and that’s what makes these kinds of gifts intentional. If your intention is for the receiver to use it timelessly, quality-wise are the go-to's.

But, the problem is people avoid good quality products since they are too pricey and sometimes don't fit in their holiday budget. In that case, what can you do?

Most handmade products have good quality as they're made by artisans meticulously. And, some handmade products are cheaper than manufactured ones. If you're looking for quality-wise and within-budget products, your go-to is the small online businesses run by artisans!

But, if the product is within your budget, you should get the one with the best quality as your holiday gift. Why? Because if you think about it, quality-wise products make you spend less for buying one instead of buying twice with poor quality. Better to spend once than twice! And, we can value that when we start buying Christmas gifts for friends and families.

Start Looking for your Christmas Gifts Early

With only a few weeks left before the holidays, you should look for the best Christmas gifts with help from guides for finding the best Christmas gift ideas, like right now! And, don't forget that when buying and giving gifts, you have to be intentional.

With the guide we've given, you would need ample time to research ethical brands! But don't worry because the personal touch of picking the products for your family, friends, colleagues (read our article too on work from home gifts) is both meaningful and lovely, especially if the products you bought tick all the boxes in this guide.

 christmas gifts and calendar


It's also easier to order your products online wherever you are, as most brands offer worldwide shipping. You can do the shopping online now and don't bother to go out! Just remember to place your order a few weeks ahead of time to ensure that your present arrives on time.

Ordering ahead of time is both a convenient option for yourself (you'll know it'll arrive on time) and a gift to the dedicated postal workers who deal with a last-minute influx of packages over the holidays.

Find the Best Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Here at Innerfyre Co, we light up your life without making the earth warmer with our eco-friendly and sustainable candles and essential oils. 

Also, our scents are made from therapeutic essential oils, so you’re not only giving scent to your home but also receiving the benefits of aromatherapy. With our artistic mood-boosting products, these are the perfect and best Christmas gifts you can give to your loved ones! Why? Well, not only do our products smell and look good, but they'll also be making you and your loved ones feel good, figuratively and literally! 

We believe that with our brand and products, we can work together to create a better future. Considering that we tick all the boxes in the guide, we are the best and perfect holiday gift! Well, with every gift is a chance for all of us to make a difference.

So, how will you be intentionally buying and giving your holiday gifts this 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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